NTIPL Performed Power Quality Activity In Sutherland Global Services to Install AF3 and Eliminated their Major Power Issues

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. Proactively Resolved The Power Outage And Issues Related To Power Consumption Of The Leading Development Company In Chennai By Providing Power Quality Solutions

Sutherland Global Services

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Development Industry

Solution Offered:
Power Quality Solutions (Harmonic Filter)

As a process transformation company, Sutherland rethinks and rebuilds processes for the digital age, by combining the speed and insights of design thinking with the scale and accuracy of Data Analytics. They have been helping customers, across industries from Financial services to Healthcare to achieve, greater agility through transformed and automated customer experiences.

Problems Experienced:

  • Frequent failure of electronic boards in the server rooms and work station equipment
  • Slowdown of network for unknown reasons
  • Tripping of generator
  • Distribution transformer getting overheated

Existing Setup:

  • Installed Power = 640 KVA
  • Generator Capacity = 300 KVA

Load Current and THDv (measured in UPS panel):

Phases Load Current Without AF3 Load Current with AF3
R 237 A 182 A
Y 208 A 168 A
B 187 A 150 A


Phases VTHD Without AF3 VTHD with AF3
R 7.8 % 2.6 %
Y 8.3 % 2.5 %
B 7.6 % 2.5   %

THDi (measured in UPS panel):

Phases iTHD Without AF3 iTHD with AF3
R 62 % 12.7 %
Y 62.8 % 14.5 %
B 64.8 % 16.5 %

Results after the Process:

  • Substantial KVA demand reductions up to 32.16 KVA
  • Issues related with noise, EMI and RFI in the facility were eliminated
  • Failure of electronic boards in the server stopped completely
  • Generator and EB transformer heating issues were resolved
  • Generator capacity requirement reduced to half


  • Savings in the diesel consumption, load running on single DG set and DG hunting concluded
  • 80 % electronic component failure reduction – as reported by the customer

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