NTIPL Performed Energy and Power Solution Activity in a Leading MNC Organization and Resolved All Their Power Issues.

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. Assisted The Top MNC Organization In India With Energy And Power Solutions To Streamline Their Business Continuity.

IT Industry

New Mumbai, Maharashtra

IT Industry

Solution Offered:
Energy and Power Solutions

A global leader in Consulting, Technology Services and Digital Transformation, this leading MNC is at the forefront of Innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of Cloud and Digital Platforms.

Existing Set-Up:

  1. The Major Loads:
    • Lighting
    • UPS
    • Chillers
    • IT Infra
  2. The Existing Power Distribution:
    • No. of Power Supply Transformer – 3 Nos.
    • Transfo  rmer rating – 2.5MVA
    • No. of UPS – 8 Nos.
    • UPS rating – 300 kVA
  3. Crucial Issues:
    • Cable over heating
    • Transformer over heating
    • Frequent failure of electronic PCB’s in UPS
    • Frequent tripping of breakers resulting into interruption in Data Center

Performance Results of AHF – TR Side I:

Sr. No.

Test Condition Phase R Y


With  AHF
1 MPP-1 Load Current (Amp) 514.3 A 502.3 A 508.9 A
Current T.H.D. % 6% 5.00% 5.10%
Power Factor 0.99
Without AHF
2 MPP-1 Load Current (Amp) 596.6 A 579.2 A 588.1 A
Current T.H.D. % 12.40% 13.60% 12.90%
Power Factor 0.99

 Performance Results of AHF – TR Side II:

Sr. No.

Test Condition Phase R Y


With  AHF
1 MPP-2 Load Current (Amp) 507.4 A 526.5 A 575 A
Current T.H.D. % 6% 5.80% 6.50%
Power Factor 0.98
Without AHF
2 MPP-2 Load Current (Amp) 507.4 A 550.3 A 600.8 A
Current T.H.D. % 26.64% 29.12% 22.51%
Power Factor 0.96

Performance Results of AHF – TR Side III:

Sr. No. Test Condition Phase R Y


With  AHF
1 MPP-3 Load Current (Amp) 497.5 A 504.4 A 463.7 A
Current T.H.D. % 4% 3.50% 4.30%
Power Factor 0.99
Without AHF
2 MPP-3 Load Current (Amp) 495.1 A 498 A 483.1 A
Current T.H.D. % 9.80% 9.30% 10.10%
Power Factor 0.98


Customer Delivered Value:

  1. Direct
    • Savings in Transformer losses (KW)
  2. Indirect
    • Reduced Cable Temperature
    • Stopped frequent & spurious tripping of MCCBs
    • Stopped failures of PCB’s in UPS
    • Due to improvement in Power quality, the electronic control systems and logics are well protected

Owing to the installation of Active Harmonic Filters, not only the organization’s majority of the Energy and Power issues are sorted but also the performance of the electronic equipment’s was raised.


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