Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. helped Jindal Steel & Power Limited in the improvement of Power Quality.

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JSPL is an industrial powerhouse with a dominant presence in steel, power, mining and infrastructure sectors. With its timeless business philosophy, JSPL is primed to not merely survive but win in a marketplace marked by frenetic change. Indeed, the company’s scorching success story has been scripted essentially by its resolve to innovate, set new standards, enhance capabilities, enrich lives and to ensure that it stays true to its haloed value system. Not surprisingly, the company is very much a future corporation, poised to become the most preferred steel manufacturer in the country.

The major loads in DRI:

  • DC Thyristor Drives
  • UPS’s
  • AC Drives

The existing power Distribution in DRI: 

  • 4 nos. of KILNs Machine with 1 trafo load distributed to each KILN
  • 4 nos. of Power Supply Transformer with transformer rating of 1.7MVA
  • 1 Spare Transformer whose efficiency is (@ PF-1, assumed) 98%


  • Cable overheating
  • Transformer overheating
  • Frequent failure of electronic PCB’s for unknown reasons
  • Frequent tripping of breakers resulting in process interruption


NTIPL worked closely with its electrical team to understand the current issues during the activity.   The team understood the typical power problems causing such failure. After analyzing the whole report, NTIPL helped them giving suggestions to overcome such failures which includes a harmonic filter for harmonic mitigation.

Performance result of AF3:

Sr. No.  Test Condition  Phase 
1 With One AF3
Load Current (Amp)  558 A  612 A  560 A
Current T.H.D. % 27.60% 29.40% 28.50%
Power Factor  0.63
2 With Two AF3
Load Current (Amp)  540 A  590 A  540 A
Current T.H.D. % 7% 10% 10%
Power Factor  0.72
3 With Three AF3
Load Current (Amp)  480 A  487 A  482 A
Current T.H.D. % 8% 7.90% 6.90%
Power Factor  0.8
4 With Four AF3
Load Current (Amp)  340 A 350A 344 A
Current T.H.D. % 7.80% 8% 6%
Power Factor  0.92


A. Direct

  • Savings in KVA (Electricity consumption)
  • Savings in Transformer losses (KW)

B. Indirect

  • With AF3 two distribution transformers freed for future expansion
  • Cable temperature reduced
  • Stopped frequent & spurious tripping of MCCBs
  • The spurious blowing of fuses in distribution was controlled
  • Due to improvement in power quality, the electronic control systems and logic are well protected
  • KVA demand is made free for additional usage


  • Input current reduced from 680A to 350A per phase
  • Input PF is improved from 0.57 to 0.92
  • Input current distortion reduced from 57% to 7 – 8%
  • Input KVA reduced from 489 to 252 KVA
  • KVA Released – 237KVA (direct reduction)
  • The existing transformer of 1.7 MVA was supporting 0.97 MW load earlier. Now, it can support 1.56 MW load, as Harmonics & PF are controlled.

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