Axis House Street Light Installation at Worli and Stretch Ceiling Light Installation at Axis Bank Gift City Branch


Axis Bank


Worli, Mumbai


Banking & Financial Sector

Solution Offered –

Street Light & Stretch Ceiling Light Installation

Overview – 

Axis Group, a renowned financial institution, sought to enhance its infrastructure at two distinct locations – Axis House, Worli, and the Gift City Branch, the first international branch of Axis Bank. The goal was to improve the lighting infrastructure at Axis House and introduce a unique architectural element at the Gift City Branch.

Challenges –

  • Axis House, Worli: The existing street lighting was inadequate, leading to security concerns and a lack of aesthetic appeal.
  • Gift City Branch: Axis Bank aimed to create a distinctive ambiance at its first international branch, requiring an innovative lighting solution.

Solutions –

Axis House Street Light Installation (Worli):

  • 6 Mtr. Pole Installation: To address the lighting concerns, 6-meter poles were strategically installed, ensuring optimal illumination and improved security for Axis House and its surroundings.
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting: High-efficiency street lights were employed to reduce energy consumption while maintaining superior illumination.

Stretch Ceiling Light Installation (Gift City Branch):

  • Architectural Lighting Design: A stretch ceiling light installation was implemented to enhance the aesthetics of the Gift City Branch, creating a visually appealing and modern atmosphere.
  • Customized Lighting Solutions: Tailored lighting solutions were deployed to complement the branch’s architecture and branding, providing a unique and memorable experience for visitors.

Benefits –

Axis House Street Light Installation (Worli):

  • Improved Security: The installation significantly enhanced the security of Axis House and its vicinity, creating a safer environment for employees and visitors.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The new street lighting contributed to an improved aesthetic appeal, transforming the area into a well-lit and visually pleasing space.

Stretch Ceiling Light Installation (Gift City Branch):

  • Distinctive Ambiance: The stretch ceiling light installation created a distinctive ambiance at Axis Bank’s Gift City Branch, setting it apart as a unique and inviting space.
  • Brand Enhancement: Customized lighting solutions reinforced the brand image and created a memorable experience for clients, aligning with Axis Bank’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Conclusion –

The Axis House Street Light Installation and Stretch Ceiling Light Installation at Axis Bank’s Gift City Branch exemplify the successful integration of practical and aesthetic lighting solutions. These initiatives not only addressed specific challenges but also contributed to the overall improvement of the physical environment, promoting safety, aesthetics, and brand identity. Axis Group continues to pioneer advancements in its infrastructure, setting new standards within the financial sector.

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