Installation of APFC Panel by Network Techlab led efficient Power Factor in Artek Surfin Chemicals Ltd.

A Case Study on Power Factor Improvement at Artek Surfin Chemicals Ltd by Installing Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel

Artek Surfin Chemicals Ltd.

Mumbai, India

Chemical Industry

Solution Offered:
Energy Efficiency Solution

Artek Surfin Chemicals is basically a chemical company. The main business of ARTEK is Metal Finishing, Electro-coloring, Electroplating, etc. Artek Surfin Chemicals has 4 manufacturing plants in India of which one is in Mumbai, located in suburban industrial area of Andheri that houses state of R&D, Instrumentation labs and mini pilot plants. Second plant is in Vasai in Thane district and third plant is in Daman that houses state of manufacturing and processing units. Fourth Plant is coming up in Tarapur. The job was carried out at Mumbai location.

In this case study we have given a comparison between the existing power factor and improved power factor and also we have shown the benefits of power factor improvement and its effect on electricity bill.

Electricity Bill & Power Factor Tariff:
The premises come under the Low Tension III – B tariff. The Contract demand is 85KVA & the avg demand used was 78KVA with billed PF was 0.93lag-0.95lead.

Whenever the average Power Factor is more than 0.95 lag and up to 1, an incentive shall be given at the rate of the following percentages of the amount of the monthly electricity bill, excluding Taxes and Duties:

Sr. No. Power Factor Incentives
1 0.951 to 0.954 0.95 0%
2 0.955 to 0.964 0.96 0.5%
3 0.965 to 0.974 0.97 1.0%
4 0.975 to 0.984 0.98 1.5%
5 0.985 to 0.994 0.99 2.5%
6 0.995 to 1.000 1.00 3.5%

Whenever the average PF is less than 0.9 (lag or lead), penal charges shall be levied at the rate of the following percentages of the amount of the monthly electricity bill, excluding Taxes and Duties:

Sr. No. Power Factor Incentives
1 0.895 to 0.900 0.90 0%
2 0.885 to 0.894 0.89 1.0%
3 0.875 to 0.884 0.88 1.5%
4 0.865 to 0.874 0.87 2.0%
5 0.855 to 0.864 0.86 2.5%
6 0.845 to 0.854 0.85 3.0%
7 0.835 to 0.844 0.84 3.5%

The problem faced was the low voltage issue causing machine failures, improper functioning of equipment’s in R&D lab & penalty for maintaining low PF.

Offered Solution:
As per the analysis done, 75Kvar Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel was installed considering expansion of future load comprising smallest bank of 2Kvar & highest bank of 25kvar.

Achieve Benefits after Solution Implementation:

Savings in electricity bill

  • With existing capacitor bank
    • PF: 0.95 lead
    • Unit rate (INR):6.75
    • PF incentive/penalty in %: 0%
    • PF incentive/penalty in INR: Nil
    • Average Units consumed per month (KWH):17000
    • Energy Charges per month (INR):114,750
  • With new Capacitor bank
    • PF: 0.998
    • PF incentive/penalty in %: 3.5%
    • PF incentive/penalty in INR: 6000/month
    • Average Units consumed per month (KWH):16450
    • Energy Charges per month (INR):111,037

So after installing the new system, the total savings achieved per month was around INR. 9500 which varies depending on consumption.

By installing the suitable sized Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel, the PF was improved from 0.95lead to 0.995lag, thus causing the customer to get incentive benefits in electricity bill & also increasing the power system stability.


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