Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. Added Value to the Existing Time and Attendance Software by Using the Matrix Solutions for Cafeteria Management

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. Designed And Educated DNH Spinners Pvt. Ltd. With The Matrix Cosec Solutions.

DNH Spinner Private Limited.

Silvassa, Gujarat

Manufacturing Industry

Solution Offered:
Matrix Cosec Solutions.


DNH is the leading manufacturer of Dope, Dyed, Poy / PTY in india. DNH Spinners Pvt. Ltd. started its humble journey in 2002 as a polyester textured yarn manufacturer and has come a long way today to create a unique niche for itself in the Dope Dyed Yarn with the largest variety of color offerings in yarns. Today, DNH specializes in Dope Dyed Yarns, which are the latest generation colored yarns and are fast replacing the traditional conventional package dyed yarns. This gives yarn excellent color fastness, consistency of accurate color matching and also big sized packages. This ensures better run ability on latest high speed machines. DHN is currently producing more than 1000 color based yarns specific to customer requirements. DNH has market access across the globe which extends to Europe, Americas and Africa.

What was the issue?

DNH Spinners Pvt. Ltd. had been using Matrix Solutions for Time and Attendance but were facing the issues of services from the Matrix Local Vendor.

How was the issue/complication resolve?

Our Physical Infrastructure Security Management team connected with the client and studied their current Matrix Solutions and educated them about the detailed benefits of using Matrix Cosec Solutions for their Canteen Management along with Time & Attendance System.

Process of COSEC Cafeteria Management

Process of COSEC Cafeteria Management


  1. Customize Menu: Allows creation of 9 Different Menu adding up to 255 Menu Items.
  2. Menu Schedule: Administrator can schedule Menus and user can select and order any item it.
  3. Eliminate Human Errors in Accounting: As the system got automated the probability of human error is nullified.
  4. Cashless Transactions: Offers Pre-Paid and Post -Paid transactions for fast and secured process.
  5. Increase Efficiency: Reduces Time and Cost of Ordering.
  6. Food Planning: Proper Food Planning can be done using Attendance Data which reduces wastage of food and helps in keeping track of Food Consumption.
  7. Integration with Payroll: Direct integration with Payroll helps in reduction of manual entries.


With all the above mentioned benefits, we were able to add value to the existing Time and Attendance software by using the Matrix Solutions for Cafeteria Management.

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