The Leading Edu-Tech company relocated their IT infrastructure with no downtime.

Network Techlab completed the IT infrastructure migration to the new site on time, with optimal performance and easy management.


Quality Education Company





Solution Offered:

Data Center Relocation Service


The organization is together with its partners and subsidiaries is a full-service provider of education and skill development services to students, teachers and youth. They empower millions of people across the country and outside with life-improving skills. Over a short span of two decades, they have emerged as a solutions provider for providing quality education at scale.


Relocating and transplanting delicate IT equipment such as data servers, racks, cables and every tiny small thing was critical in nature. When these devices have to be repackaged, reconditioned and set up again at another location wasn’t easy. This involved a potential risk of damage and required a great deal of planning. Sourcing the best colocation facility and finding a practical way to relocate delicate IT hardware was a challenging job for our team.


There are so many tiny parts that were moving out to the new infra facility. They were looking for a Trusted Technology Partner, who could help them move their network infrastructure to the new Infra facility.  The extensive service portfolio of Network Techlab and the expert team was appointed as potential partner to offer solutions that meet the requirements of the company. All equipment was properly packed to guarantee that it won’t get damaged during transportation. Packaging and relocating sensitive equipment such as servers and storage were managed by our best-skilled team from Structure Cabling and Project Implementation team.


  • IT Equipment was relocated with minimal disruption to their business.
  • Relocated IT hardware and perfectly integrated at the new facility
  • IT Infra relocation with zero equipment damage.
  • Optimized Performance and Timely Delivery of the IT equipment.

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