Network Techlab India Private Limited implemented advanced Data Centre Infrastructure Management software for a prominent banking institution in India.

Network Techlab India Private Limited deployed a software to a leading Bank of India to optimize, enhance & monitor the power dynamics of their data center.


A leading banking firm


Multiple Locations all over Maharashtra.


Banking and Finance.

Solution Offered:

DCIM, IPDU, PUE Management.

Overview –

Due to advanced & multiple sector approach, the bank has high concentration in depository & loans & advances sectors, thus having the largest data centres for a complete vertical management. Since monitoring is required at an extreme level, bank asked us to deploy over a suitable yet optimizing software that can enhance monitoring & we delivered DCIM Software to them.

Challenges –

  1. Need to track power losses in each rack.
  2. Excess customization was required
  3. Making client understand about technical concept was a major concern.
  4. Identifying the heatmap in each room

Why Innovation was required / Solutions offered –

  1. Provided the IPDU for their rack level power utilization.
  2. PUE management & monitoring
  3. Delivered the DCIM software to monitor all BMS devices.
  4. Provided the multi-function sensors to monitor and maintain the room temperature and other parameter.

Benefits –

  1. Efficiency: DCIM software optimizes data centre resources, reducing costs and improving performance.
  2. Visibility: Provides a complete view of data centre assets, preventing downtime and enabling proactive decisions.
  3. Capacity Planning: Tracks resource usage trends for efficient allocation and cost savings.
  4. Security: Monitors access and environment, alerting to unauthorized entry or conditions.
  5. Compliance: Assists in meeting regulations with audit trails and reports.

Conclusion –

Our tailored approach to data centre management, encompassing IPDU deployment, PUE management, DCIM software implementation, and environmental monitoring, serves as a robust foundation for the bank’s ongoing success in the ever-evolving technology landscape. By combining these critical elements, Network Techlab India Private Limited has positioned the bank to achieve greater operational efficiency, sustainability, and resilience in their mission-critical operations.

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