Network Techlab provided a hyper-converged system that seamlessly delivered additional storage capacity, seamless DR migration capabilities, and enhanced efficiency with optimal space utilization.

A Leading Broking organization migrates itself from traditional IT to Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.

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Overview :

This broking group has a pan – India presence with an ever expanding network of branches and franchises across the country, empowering it to gain a foothold in the growing broking industry. For traditional broking services, the company handles commodity trading facilities as well as currency derivatives and has access to a wide range of financial services. The company also offers non-banking financial services for stock markets through its NBFC arm.

Brief detail about the situation :
Being leading and a reputed broking firm, they commit to providing 24 x 7 value added services to their clients across the Globe. The infrastructure leaders are acquiring Next Generation Technological platforms to provide digital Services to their customers using various trading platforms like Web Trading, Direct Trading, Mutual Fund Service, etc.

They always adapt new disruptive IT technology to provide accelerated and quick services, to bring the best experience to their customers on the table. They were undoubtedly growing digitally and at the same time there was immense growth in their data and applications. Traditional IT platform lacked to provide visibility and road map of the IT Infra. As compiled to SEBI, they have to make Technological changes and be futuristic to survive the era of Digital Transformation.

What are the key areas of the issue?
When Network Techlab approached them, we found that they were facing IT challenges like an Application Performance issue, IT Management, Infrastructure Visibility, Disaster Recovery and also they were keeping multiple Backup files for the data;  as well as they were spending good amount of money on Storage expansion, due to data growth every 3 years.

Challenges :

What were the challenges faced during the resolution of the complication ?
During our assessment we found that most of the hardware which they were using were old and due for renewal including Dell, Cisco, IBM and EMC Storage. They were using 70 TB storage which was providing 40000 Host IOPS using Vmware and Physical Infrastructure. They were planning for the renewal of Hardware and Vmware Hypervisor but by doing this, it would have solved only a year’s problem. Again next year they would have to suffer the same pain of refreshing the Hardware. At the same time IT operational cost was going high because of power, cooling and to maintain the infra to latest patches. IT team was spending excess time apart from their routine working hours. The CTO was not having enough visibility and ability to define a road map for the future, also new applications and clarity on new investments were required.

Solutions :

How was the issue/complication resolved?
Network Techlab had demonstrated the Nutanix HCI solution and showcased them about the Infra performance visibility, simple central management, single click upgrade which was supposed to bring down the operational cost. At the same time, Centralize dashboard was able to help them for capacity sizing base on new application workload without compromising on performance and users experience.

Benefits of the solution :

  • Simple To Manage
  • Less Downtime
  • Increased Performance
  • IT Staff Productivity increased.

Findings :
Nutanix enables customers to experience the benefits of public cloud-like agility and productivity with low cost and control of an on-premises environment. These benefits allow a company’s IT team to shift to projects that value add to the business instead of just relegating those teams to simply “keeping the lights on.”

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