Network Techlab has significantly catered 2×2 solution of Videowall to Buoyancy Consultant in order to enhance their conferencing, display requirements.

One of the leading offshore & ship designing company has been successfully deployed with 2×2 Videowall solutions for enhancing conferencing, meeting and attention of large crowd.

Organization –

one of the leading offshore & ship designing company

Location –

Panajim, Goa – 403001.

Domain –

Engineering & Consultancy Service

Solution Offered –

2X2 Samsung’s Videowall along with installation

One of the leading offshore & ship designing company is  fastest growing design, engineering and consultancy services in India. Providing end to end solutions for our clients & hence 97% of clients continue their relationship with us.

Since 2013 our range of services has expanded to include Basic and Detail design, Class drawings, Production supervision and information, 3D modelling and Laser scanning. Leveraging over 15 years of extensive industry experience we innovate, ideate and initiate cutting edge technological solutions across various platforms to deliver on time, every time.

Challenges –
The challenges has been interpreted in the following pointers:

  1. Ineffective presentation led to delay in decision making process.
  2. Meeting used to get connected with 4 laptops and viewing the data on various screens simultaneously.
  3. Limited resource availability has incurred high cost.
  4. High turnaround time for considering the meeting, conferencing & display solution.

Why Innovation was required / Solutions offered –

They asked a solution for bigger size. But our expert has explained the differences in the normal display made them to win this order. Our technical services along with the commercials have helped to win this case. The Samsung Videowall configurator within the site makes the designing of the Videowall simplistic mere knowing the size of the wall. This Solution satisfied the requirement of the client for a clear and seamless meeting.


Conclusion –

  1. Videowall has facilitated smooth interactivity in the Organization.
  2. Easy accessibility and control management.
  3. Has increased flexibility, scalability and creativity.
  4. Boosted up multi-source visualization.
  5. Reliability.

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