Case Study

Client: A leading finance company

Domain: Finance

Location: Mumbai

Solution Offered: Poly studio, P15, X70


A wide range of technologically advanced systems designed to deliver immersive conferencing experiences to employees was provided to a leading financial company by us. This helped them create a sense of collaboration amongst employees and boost the outcome of their conferences and business discussions significantly. A major finance company required video conferencing solutions to create a sense of collaboration amongst its employees. Network Techlab India Pvt. Ltd. delivered Poly Video Conferencing Systems to a leading Fin-Tech Company so that they could effectively simplify their day-to-day business meetings and conferences and increase the output.

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The client was facing issues like a low sense of collaboration amongst their employees and wanted to create an atmosphere which would help them tackle the same. They needed systems that would complement their business operations and increase the output of their business meetings and conferences. Also they wanted the video conferencing systems to be easy to use so that their employees won’t have to invest a lot of time, just to get used to the new systems.

Solutions Offered

Our skilled team of expert professionals provided Poly X70, Ploy P15 and Poly Studio video conferencing systems which are currently the most technologically advanced systems in the industry. These video conferencing systems are power packed with mind blowing features that are convenient to use and even a non-technical person can get used to them with utmost ease. These systems are the latest in the industry and provide the user with a rich, seamless , and premium video conferencing experience.


  1. Acoustic Fence: Creates a virtual fence and blocks all outside noises
  2. Automatic Group framing: Automatically groups a specific set of people according to their seating arrangements.
  3. Speaker Tracking: Track the speaker of the conference so that he/she never goes out of the camera’s field of vision.
  4. Best-in-class microphone array: Microphone array that captures even the smallest of voices.
  5. Intelligent Noise Block Technology: Effectively block noises and distractions.


We here at NTIPL provide you with the best technologies to make your day-to-day business operations efficient. Our best-in-class video conferencing solutions can make your business meetings and conferences seamless. If you have any queries or would like to request a demo for any of our services, feel free to connect with us at Network Techlab India Pvt. Ltd.

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