Liebert SX 60kVA - 200kVA

Liebert SX 60kVA - 200kVA

Liebert® SXTM features a full IGBT double conversion technology allowing it to provide extraordinary savings on installation and running costs, while at the same time providing first-class load protection.

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Industrial Application:

  • Mission critical applications and systems
  • Network Workstations
  • Servers
  • IDF/Network closets
  • Large network peripherals
  • VoIP
  • Workstations

Liebert SX 60kVA
Liebert SX 80kVA
Liebert SX 100kVA
Liebert SX 120kVA
Liebert SX 160kVA
Liebert SX 200kVA


  • Zero impact on upstream equipment
  • Perfect compatibility with generators
  • Enhanced performance for specific unbalanced load conditions
  • Perfect load sharing for parallel configurations
  • Enhanced fault clearing capacity (up to 300% of the inverter nominal current)
  • Intelligent double conversion for maximum reliability and highest energy savings


  • Output Power Factor 1
  • Output Power Factor diagram symmetrical respect to zero
  • Permanent 100% kVA – no derating with any load (lagging or leading)
  • Optimum space/power ratio
  • Full compatibility with static transfer switches
  • Wide range of standard options including: Isolation transformer (integrated in UPS cabinet), System Bypass Switch and Synchronization Module (MBSM)

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