All properties with energized Electrical Systems would benefit from predictive maintenance services. And the more equipment you have, the greater the need.


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    Why Thermography Is Essential?

    There are several risks associated with Electrical Equipment failure, some more serious than others. Equipment failures can be quite costly affair resulting in repairs and work stoppages. But there are physical risks involved too.

    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that around ten percent of all fires that occur in manufacturing facilities are related to Electrical System failures. Furthermore, component and connection failures can expose employees to live electrical circuits, putting them at risk of serious injury or death from electrocution.

    How Thermography Works?

    Predictive maintenance services such as Thermographic testing can help you avoid these dangers long before they occur.

    Thermographic testing is also known as infrared inspection. It is a contact-free predictive maintenance method used to detect connections defects, system overloads, deteriorated insulation, and other potential problems in electrical components.

    How Can You Benefit From Professional Thermographic Inspection?

    Better Visibility

    Better Visibility

    Better Visibility


    Better Visibility

    No Downtime

    Better Visibility

    Equipment Optimisation

    Below mentioned a few additional signs that you might be in need of a Thermographic Scan:

    • You’ve noticed an increase in energy consumption without an increase in equipment use
    • You’ve noticed equipment slowdowns
    • You’ve experienced unexplained power surges
    • The lights dim when your equipment is started
    • Your equipment is running hotter than usual
    • You have added equipment or made repairs which increased electrical demand
    Thermography Analysis

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    Thermography Analysis


    Electrical systems are the most critical infrastructure within office Premises and Industrial applications. There are considerable benefits to be gained by protecting these systems and reducing unplanned Interruption. Electrical Thermography serves this purpose and helps you to detect any electrical problem before it arises.

    How NTIPL Can Assist You With Thermography?

    We are leaders in providing the finest spectrum of Thermography services that are widely acclaimed in the industry. Rendered by professionals with years of expertise in this industry, these services are furnished in a way that they are able to attain optimum quotients of satisfaction for our clients. Apart from all this, our Thermography services are popular in markets, owing to their cost-effective rates and accuracy.

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