High-Efficiency Outdoor and Indoor LED Light Solutions

High-Efficiency Outdoor and Indoor LED Light Solutions

Over the years, business spaces around the world have had their respective conventional lighting fixtures replaced with LEDs.


There are a lot of reasons that made LED lighting fixtures the viable replacement option for conventional lighting fixtures consisting of CFLs, tubular fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. This post in the following sections will try to shine a light on some of them.

Here goes.

LED lighting fixtures have a low environmental impact

As per the professional opinion of a spokesperson associated with a revered outdoor LED light system provider in Mumbai, LED lighting fixtures, unlike traditional lighting fixtures like CFLs and florescent tube lamps, do not have mercury, lead or similar hazardous substances in them. Hence, the disposal or recycling of LEDs does not result in irreversible environmental damage. This is another reason why climate-conscious entrepreneurs tend to replace all traditional lighting fixtures of their enterprises with LED units.

LED lighting fixtures help businesses reduce their respective carbon footprint

Businesses these days are required to keep their carbon footprint low. If they fail to do so then they are liable to pay penalties to the environmental watchdogs of the nation(s) in which they are operating. There are many ways a business can control its carbon footprint. One of them is to replace its traditional lighting fixtures with LED units. This small step will decrease the energy demand of the business by several folds thus helping the enterprise reduce its carbon footprint in the process.

The efficiency of LED lighting fixtures remains undisturbed

LED lighting fixtures tend to run at full efficiency even if the power delivered to them is inconsistent. On top of this, LED lighting fixtures can remain operational even if the operational conditions are extreme. In simple words, LED lighting fixtures can operate efficiently at extremely high and low temperatures.

This is the reason why, LED lighting fixtures are ideal for illuminating –

  • Cold storages
  • Offices
  • Industrial plants
  • Offshore platforms
  • Skids
  • Oil refineries
  • Steel factories, etc.

LED lighting fixtures entail long operational lives

Most businesses tend to implement solutions within their place of operations that would help them arrest runaway overhead costs. In recent years, countless small-to-medium enterprises as well as multinational corporations have contacted revered LED indoor lighting systems providers in a bid to ensure their respective overhead costs come under control.


Well, LEDs have long operational lives. Hence, when traditional lighting fixtures that tend to break down periodically are replaced by LED lighting fixtures, automatically, the overhead costs of an enterprise comes down.

Rely on Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. for all your commercial LED lighting requirements

NTIPL is a leading provider of IT and end-to-end business solutions. The firm has been offering its commendable business solutions to its ever-increasing client base consisting of SMEs and MNCs for more than two decades. NTIPL recently started offering LED solutions suitable for commercial applications. The commercial LED solutions offered by NTIPL are bespoke. It means that the solution(s) will entail features that would conform to the unique requirements of a business that needs them. On top of this, NTIPL offers its commercial LED solutions at reasonable (and scalable) rates.

Available commercial LED solutions at NTIPL

NTIPL offers LED lighting solutions that are suitable for

  • Indoor use
  • Landscape illumination
  • Industrial facilities
  • Street illumination
  • Clean room illumination.

For more details, please call +91 8879004536 or send an email to

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