The challenges and trends of video conferencing

The challenges and trends of video conferencing

Video conferencing has become the most ‘in-demand’ technological solution these days in the Indian as well as the global corporate sector.

But why?

Well, for starters, remote employees and customers can connect better with a business using video conferencing.

Then there is the benefit of eradicated physical barriers that allow a business to build strong foundational relationships with their current and prospective customers.

Companies that have hybrid work cultures can use features like meeting recording and screen sharing features in a bid to enhance collaborative efforts.

What are the challenges of video conferencing?

Remotely building trust is not easy

Whether a business has invested in the latest boardroom video conference system or a solution that was in vogue back in 2020, it is still not so easy for a business to build lasting trust with its current clientele or prospective clients.

But the issue can be easily solved by partnering up with revered video conferencing solution providers that allow online real-time face-to-face communication between businesses and their clients.

It is hard to offer customers a personalized experience remotely

Offering a personalized experience to every customer is crucial for a business when it comes to remaining ahead of rivals. However, video calling platforms, irrespective of how advanced they are, still make it challenging for a brand to render personalized experiences to its customers.

However, investing in the best boardroom video conferencing solutions that are backed by features like a data management system designed to manage and record virtual interactions so that future interactions with a particular client remain personalized and do not appear as ‘run-of-the-mill’ by the customer, can help a business sort out this issue.

What are the trends of video conferencing for 2024?

There are quite a few trends that providers of video conferencing services are witnessing in 2024. Some of those trends are mentioned in the sections below.

The demand for video conferencing solutions is at an all-time high!

As per internal market research data accumulated by a reputed video conferencing service provider in Mumbai, the demand for video conferencing solutions is at an all-time high. Experts state that the growth rate of video conferencing solution market share is going strong consistently at 19.7%. In simple terms, if this growth rate continues, then by the end of 2026, the global market net worth of the video conferencing solution sector will surpass the $22.5 billion mark!

Video conferencing and remote working go hand in hand

The CEO of the best video conferencing solution provider in Mumbai states that the remote working culture that became the norm, especially after the recent COVID–19 pandemic days is not going away ever. Hence, it is natural for technological solutions like video conferencing that make remote and hybrid working cultures realities in the corporate world, are supposed to work hand in hand and this trend is being witnessed not only across India but also all over the world!

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