Powering Industrial Excellence: Vertiv UPS & Amaron Battery

Powering Industrial Excellence: Vertiv UPS & Amaron Battery

A storm, flood, a faulty power grid, or a problematic electrical bus in your office are some of the most common instances that can leave your business offline. These instances are also out of your control.

However, if you are one of those visionary entrepreneurs who foresaw these future events and invested in business UPS and battery systems then you can rest assured as your venture will be able to keep its systems, infrastructure and data safe against damage as well as corruption.

What are the benefits in store for businesses that invest in branded UPS and batteries?

The CEO of one of the leading UPS dealers in India points out several benefits in store for entrepreneurs who choose to deck out their ventures with the latest business UPS and batteries. Some of those benefits are mentioned in the sections below.

Controlled shutdowns and continued operation can be achieved

Modern electrical grids have become more efficient and reliable. However, blackouts are inevitable. Businesses that do not invest in commercial UPS and batteries tend to face data loss, and data corruption and also sustain damages to their IT infrastructure.

With the help of commercial UPS and batteries, businesses can have the time they need to safely initiate shutdowns of all in-house IT equipment. At the same time, important equipment such as servers, data storage devices, etc. can be kept online so that websites, e-stores, etc. of the business in question do not go offline in the event of electricity supply disruptions.

Access to refined power

Commercial UPS systems and batteries are designed to supply refined AC power to sensitive electronics. Businesses that tend to rely on generators as sources of backup power are risking their in-house IT infrastructure by powering them with unreliable and unrefined DC power from their not-so-trustworthy generators.

Businesses become more scalable and are future-proofed

Commercial UPS systems and batteries sourced from the leading UPS dealers in India allow businesses to make sure that their scalable uninterrupted emergency power requirements are met irrespective of the number of IT equipment connected to the UPS and batteries.

Furthermore, businesses that are planning to limit their carbon footprint in a bid to future-proof their corporate interests by complying with local, national, and international environmental norms should invest in UPS systems and batteries for commercial use today!

Powering Industrial Excellence: The Dynamic Duo Of Vertiv UPS And Amaron Battery

UPS dealers in India tend to state that the best UPS brand is Vertiv and the best business UPS battery brand is Amaron.


Well, it is best to select Vertiv UPS systems for your business since the company has a record of ensuring that 87% of issues faced by their clients are fixed by onsite technicians on their first visit. On top of this, Vertiv has been supplying businesses with quality-assured and reliable UPS systems since 1965. Vertiv is also the only UPS brand that more than seventy percent of Fortune 500 companies trust and rely on. And one should also remember that Vertiv uses proprietary and patented technology in all the products it offers to its global clients.

On the other hand, it is best to select Amaron UPS batteries for business use since Amaron has time and again been hailed as the leading producer of dry and lead-acid batteries in India suitable for automotive, industrial, and residential use.

Contact NTIPL for all your UPS and commercial battery requirements

NTIPL is one of the leading UPS dealers in India. The IT solutions provider is capable of improving the uptime of small, medium, and multinational businesses by offering a wide range of commercial UPS systems made by leading brands including Vertiv. NTIPL also has strong professional relationships with leading battery manufacturers catering to the business UPS sector such as Amaron. For more details, please call +91 8879004536 or send an email to

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