Laptop Rental: A Growing Norm in Professional Environments

Laptop Rental: A Growing Norm in Professional Environments

The prices of IT equipment such as laptops and workstations are skyrocketing every
year. Furthermore, the spare parts for laptops and workstations are also increasing
Now, businesses need to periodically acquire new laptops as well as workstations and
replace the old computers they have in their workplaces. Here periodically is a
subjective word since computer technology advances every six months. Since buying
new computers every six months is not feasible, entrepreneurs these days are turning
to leasing laptops.
Workstations and laptops on rent entail a plethora of benefits for entrepreneurs and
corporate professionals.
Some of the most alluring benefits of getting workstations and laptops on rent in
Mumbai or any other location for that matter are mentioned in the sections below.
One can get laptops that fit their needs
Startup owners often are cash-strapped. Hence, due to budget constraints, a startup
owner might have to make do with old-generation workstations or laptops that they
have acquired from their friends and loved ones. However, if the same entrepreneur
takes some time and rents a desktop computer belonging to the latest generation then
their enterprise would have the technological superiority it needs to thrive.
Similarly, if the owner of a movie editing studio is yet to get their hands on the latest
generation of laptops suitable for video editing and post-production rendering, then it
makes sense to invest in a laptop on rent for a month or more that is offered by revered
service providers like NTIPL have a commendable track record in the field of IT
equipment rental services.
Entrepreneurs can save money by renting laptops
Running a business is not easy. Entrepreneurs would have to make sure that they have
enough funds at hand to meet monthly expenses such as payroll, utilities, etc. Hence,
entrepreneurs tend to look for opportunities that would allow them to save some
money now and then.
One of the most expensive aspects of running a business these days is acquiring high-
end laptops as well as workstations since modern businesses cannot even run for a
a single day without computers.
Now, it is no news that modern computers and their peripherals cost the moon when
bought new. At the same time, when these modern computers break down, the
replacements as well as spare parts tend to entail astronomical costs.

Both these problems can be addressed by visionary entrepreneurs when they choose to
get laptops on rent for corporate use.
How cool is that!?
Maintenance costs be eradicated with laptop rentals
When you rent a laptop or get your hands on a desktop on rent you are inadvertently
eradicating the need to maintain these pieces of IT equipment.
Revered IT equipment on rent service providers like NTIPL makes sure that all
maintenance requirements of the laptops and workstations they have provided to their
clients are maintained by them and not by clients. In this way, you, the entrepreneur can
rest assured since you would not be spending boatloads of money when your rental
laptop or workstation breaks down.
Rely on the latest laptops and desktops from NTIPL
Indian entrepreneurs are relatively new to the concept of renting IT equipment like
laptops and workstations. However, if you are one of those visionary entrepreneurs
who are ready to reap the benefits of IT equipment rental services then be sure to
contact Network Techlab India Private Limited.
NTIPL offers long-term and short-term laptops on rent for event use as well as
workstation rental services designed for small, medium and large-scale businesses. The
laptops and workstations are available in base, intermediary and advanced
configurations so that everyone has options to choose from which would suit their
bespoke requirements. Payments can be made to NTIPL through multiple modes.
Furthermore, the rental schemes are flexible as well. NTIPL accepts small as well as bulk
orders for workstation and laptop rentals emanating from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai,
Thane, Pune, Vapi, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad etc. For more details, please call +91
8879004536 or send an email to

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