Everything you need to know about Power Usage Effectiveness

Everything you need to know about Power Usage Effectiveness

This is the age of data centres.
Is it!?
Yes, it is! Take a look around. You would see that all the brick-and-mortar
establishments such as music stores and even cinema halls are slowly but surely
replaced by online services such as Spotify and Netflix.
In the corporate sector, businesses irrespective of their size, age or the sector they
belong to, are going paperless and making sure their entire infrastructures are being
relocated to the Cloud!
In simple words, it can be concluded in present times, economies around the world no
longer rely on physical real estate in a bid to grow. Give an economy all the pertinent IT
resources and watch it grow to new heights in no time!
How long will the datacenter era last?
Well, to be honest, it is pretty hard to ascertain the lifespan of the datacenter era. As
long as alternative technologies are invented and made available to the masses, the era
of data centres will continue to enjoy its honeymoon years.
However, one must also remember that data centres tend to remain on top when
certain aspects of their physical infrastructure are subjected to scrutiny and monitoring
carried out by revered third parties.
What aspects are we trying to talk about here, you ask?
Well, there are several aspects of a datacenter that need real-time monitoring however;
we are trying to ascertain the importance of datacenter PUE (or Power Usage
What is Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)?
Power usage effectiveness (PUE) is just a fancy term for the metric that experts use to
determine the overall energy efficiency factor of a data centre they are tasked to
How important is PUE monitoring?
It is very important to regularly monitor the PUE of a datacenter as it entails the
following advantages –
 PUE monitoring helps benchmark the efficiency of a data centre
 Multiple PUE monitoring sessions can help one to ascertain whether the
preventative steps they have taken to make their data centre energy efficient are
working or not.

 Regular PUE monitoring sessions can help one reduce the energy costs and
overall power consumption factor of their data centre(s).
What are the three steps to calculate data centre PUE?
As any provider of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) monitoring in Mumbai how they
calculate the PUE of a data center and they would state that they use the following three
steps –
 The experts would measure the energy used by a data centre at any given point
in time by paying close attention to the facility's onsite energy meter
 The next step taken by PUE monitoring experts is to measure the load exerted on
the power supply to the data centre by its IT equipment during the conversion,
switching and conditioning stages.
 The last step is the mere calculation of the raw data gathered by dividing the
total power consumed by the data centre by the energy used by onsite pieces of
What are the primary benefits of availing third-party PUE monitoring services?
Availing Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) monitoring in Mumbai from reputed service
providers entails the following compelling benefits –
 The calculation(s) can be repeated multiple times by the service provider in a bid
to ensure that the data centre that is being monitored is functioning as it should.
 The PUE monitoring service provider will help you to find out effective ways to
reduce the energy consumed by your data centre at any given point in time.
 Most, if not all PUE monitoring service providers use DCIM software in a bid to
automatically calculate PUE data in real-time. Furthermore, the DCIM software
also allows a PUE monitoring service provider to consolidate raw data into
detailed reports that you can use to enhance the overall efficiency and
productivity of your data centre.
How can one reduce power consumption/wastage of their datacenter?
 It is best to use LED lighting fixtures all across the interior space of a data centre.
 The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system installed should be of the latest
generation in a bid to make the most out of its overall power efficiency.
 All the outdated and inefficient hardware within the data centre should be
replaced with the latest generation hardware.
 It is best to make sure that the indoor air of the data centre is periodically vented
in a bid to replace the same with cool fresh air.
 The cooling system dedicated to cooling the data centre should be of the right
 It is best to virtualize servers as much as practically possible in a bid to increase
floor space and reduce energy consumption/wastage.

Contact NTIPL for all your PUE requirements in Mumbai
It is evident by now that if you own a data centre or your business runs and maintains
an in-house data centre, its power consumption and overall efficiency should be
professionally monitored. In this context, if you are looking for a revered firm that can
provide Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) monitoring in Mumbai contact Network
Techlab India Private Limited.
NTIPL and its range of PUE monitoring services are designed to satiate the primary
objectives of standardized data centre efficiency and PUE monitoring processes such as:
 Overall reduction of load exerted on the IT equipment within the data centre in
 Maintaining permissible levels of ambient humidity within the data centre in
 Maintaining the permissible ambient temperature within the data centre in
 Maintaining the proper airflow within the data centre
 Enhancing the overall efficiency of the cooling system installed within the data
centre in question.
NTIPL has a dedicated team of certified and experienced technicians under its payroll
specializing in PUE monitoring services. Network Techlab also makes sure that its PUE
monitoring services are flexible enough to accommodate the bespoke requirements of
data centres of all sizes and capabilities.
For more details, feel free to call +91 8879004536 or send an email to

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