AWS Managed Services by Network Techlab: Your Cloud, Our Expertise

AWS Managed Services by Network Techlab: Your Cloud, Our Expertise

The cloud industry has grown by several folds over the past decade as the average salaried individual and the entrepreneur now know the capabilities and advantages of cloud technology.

Hence, it makes sense for business owners to quickly migrate their firm’s IT infrastructure to the cloud if they haven’t done it already. However, when it comes to the management of one’s cloud infrastructure, it is best to consult with managed cloud service providers that are in league with firms like Network Techlab.

Network Techlab Expertise in Cloud-Managed Services

As a revered cloud computing company in India, Network Techlab offers subscription-based cloud solutions that can readily replace your company’s in-house cloud IT. If that is not what you want then Network Techlab can also offer bespoke cloud solutions that can supplement in-house teams and related resources.

Comprehensive AWS Cloud Services by Network Techlab

Network Techlab is a leading cloud computing company hence, its AWS cloud services are naturally comprehensive and it consists of the following.

Cloud Migration Services

Network Techlab is perfectly capable of helping businesses migrate their operations to the cloud solutions offered by AWS. The best part is that every cloud migration project handled by Network Techlab entails Unique Selling Points that gel with the bespoke requirements of the business that is finally choosing cloud solutions.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Network Techlab has a dedicated cloud infrastructure management team consisting of some of the most talented as well as experienced experts thus ensuring the cloud infrastructures of NTIPL’s clients are running efficiently at all times.

Security and Compliance

Network Techlab understands the importance of cloud security compliance which is why its services all conform to the latest regulatory and industry-specific rules. Hence, the cloud solutions offered by NTIPL entail Unique Selling Points like security and privacy.

Cost Optimization

NTIPL’s cloud computing services are designed to improve your ROI and optimize cloud costs.

Tailored Solutions to Different Industries

Tailored cloud solutions have been reshaping the business landscape of the world since the technology was made available to the masses.

Almost all sectors of the world economy benefit from bespoke cloud solutions. However, among them, the sectors that benefit the most from custom cloud solutions are mentioned in the sections below.

  • Mass manufacturing sector: assembly lines of vehicles, consumer electronics and the like are being enhanced and made more efficient using bespoke cloud solutions.
  • Technology Sector: data consolidation paired with enhanced collaboration helps the technology sector to make sure in-house team productivity reaches its full potential.
  • Health Sector: custom cloud solutions make healthcare organizations compliant with the latest norms by making sure patient data is managed securely.

Support and Credentials of NTIPL’s Cloud Service

Network Techlab has been helping businesses in India since 1996 hence; it is not a surprise that this firm is one of the best cloud solutions providers in India. NTIPL offers scalable managed cloud services like –

  • Online data storage
  • Backup solutions
  • Web-based e-mail services
  • Hosted office suites
  • Database processing
  • Managed technical support services, etc.

Furthermore, the firm is renowned for its impeccable after-sales services that include expedited solutions to customer grievances.

Use Cases and Success Stories

NTIPL helped –

  • Rikhav Securities Ltd With EC2 (SQL Server) & Web Application on AWS Cloud Solution
  • Nikhil Lapasia Company with Tally Workload Migration.
  • An Insurance Broker Company by creating a flexible and secured AWS Cloud Solution
  • Mediascope Marketing Agency by deploying bespoke Amazon SES Service

Why Managed Services Make a difference to the operations?

A business should opt for managed cloud services because this single simple step would allow them to keep unplanned downtimes at bay. How? Well, their managed cloud solution provider would always be one step ahead of things that may go wrong by taking a proactive approach when it comes to maintenance. In simple words, managed cloud service providers use processes such as remote management and monitoring that allow them to ensure their client’s cloud solution is running efficiently at all times.

Looking for managed AWS services? Contact Network Techlab

Network Techlab is the leading provider of managed AWS services in India. The company has been operating in India since 1996. Network Techlab has a pan-India presence; an impressive client base and a reputation that surely makes its rivals run for their money. The managed AWS service packages offered by Network Techlab are available at reasonable rates. Furthermore, the service packages are flexible hence; every business will surely find Network Techlab and its wide range of cloud solutions suitable for the former’s bespoke requirements. To learn more, please send an email to or call +91-8879004536.

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