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Types of Cabel Used –

You might be puzzled about what cables are used in a structured cabling system. Although each of these cables has a distinct purpose, they all function as part of the structured cabling system. We are structured cabling contactors in Ahmedabad.

Copper Cable

Copper Cable

Copper wires have the ability to transmit both data and electricity. Copper wires will be enticing for years to come because to this single benefit, which is represented in Power over Ethernet (PoE) systems. Copper is also a relatively simple metal to work with.

Fiber Optic Cable

Fibre Optic Cable

Fiber optic cables are similar to electric cables, but they convey signals and images using optical fibers instead of wires. These optical fibers are constructed of silica or plastic and are coated with additional layers of plastic within the cable.

Why Cabling Matters to You and Your Business.

Network Techlab's objective is to create high-quality products that enable organizations to run efficiently and without interruption. We offer a complete line of Structured Cabling Products enabling clients to build scalable and manageable networks. We operate across india and have branch office in ahmedabad.

Future-proof cabling provides higher bandwidth, a reliable user experience and supports business growth. Adaptable and scalable IT will be able to adapt to changing business needs and deploy new services that support emerging technologies.
Our twenty-five years of experience in system integration and IT infrastructure have made us one of the most respected names in the market. We offer maximum performance and guaranteed satisfaction while plugging in your network equipment.

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Effective server rack management reduces human error while improving physical appearance, cable traceability, airflow, cooling efficiency, and troubleshooting time. Our most skilled staff brings ideas to reality by optimizing room space, giving the greatest solutions feasible, and working with what a customer needs.

Rack Configuration And Cables Dressing Services

When you decide to upgrade and refurbish your server room, switch to a raised floor system so you can benefit from everything we offer. From more efficient cooling to better organization, raised flooring provides improvements across many areas in your server room.

Raised Flooring Solution

Data and voice cabling are some of the most important components of any organization because of their capacity to connect an office to the rest of the globe. It doesn’t matter if you have a tonne of high-quality equipment if you can’t connect it all together.

Voice & LAN connectivity solution

Our skilled Data Center Relocation Service provider can help you not only mitigate the numerous hazards but also achieve new efficiencies and avoid bottlenecks in the new location.

Data Centre relocation.

A network audit gives you visibility into any possible network issues, allowing you to address them before they cause downtime or negatively influence business performance.

Passive Network Audit Solution

Signal loss can happen due to many reasons but you can’t afford that in your data center or server room. We do digital meter testing before you go live and in live setup so you know the exact problem while troubleshooting.

Digital Meter Testing

Structure Cabling Solutions for Your Modern Network

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