Network Techlab (I) Pvt.Ltd. provided a secure and controlled production network access to a major player in the paint industry enabling it to connect and secure all their employees data situated across 130+ offices in the country.

India’s largest paint company Streamlines Business Operations with the help of  Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd




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Aruba Clear Pass Solution

Since its inception in 1942, they had come a long way to become India’s largest and Asia’s third largest paint company. Company operates in 22 countries and has 29 paint manufacturing facilities in the world, servicing customers in over 65 countries. They have an enviable reputation in the corporate world for professionalism, fast-track growth, and building shareholder equity. They operates in five worldwide regions, including South Asia, Southeast Asia, South Pacific, Middle East, and the Caribbean. The Company markets five corporate brands and operates through its subsidiary in 10 international markets: in Egypt, in Southern Pacific, in Fiji and Samoa. Company is a highly successful manufacturer of decorative and industrial paints. It had achieved enviable growt by building a formidable presence in emerging markets.


When the company decided to embark on an expansion plan, key focus area was managing authentication and authorization of end users with different job designation such as IT, R&D, manufacturing, Sales, Marketing etc; Vendors, Contractors, Auditors was a huge task for the company. Company faced the
daunting task of finding the exact solution that would meet the company’s Internet security and productivity requirements. They were looking for a solution that would meet the following criteria:

  • Controlled and Secure Production Network Access
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Easy to Maintain Appliance
  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Active Alerts

With the help Aruba Clearpass solution provided by us, IT Team manages Authentication and Authorization on a central dashboard. They can construct granular access policies thanks to the level of control provided by the Clearpass solution. With Clearpass troubleshooting tools such as Access Tracker and Insight, IT teams can centrally  track and troubleshoot authentication issues with a clear view of the authentication process across all stages. By introducing a centralized authentication repository, the organization was able to enforce better security control policies such as requiring password changes etc.

Customization was involved to design the authorization policies for WAN Network devices. Network and application access privileges were extended to users and devices via contextual data – user roles, device types, location and time – of – day. Involved creating downloadable roles as per stringent access requirements as given by company. ClearPass also provides health checks that strengthen corporate security posture , using persistent or dissolvable health checks , ClearPass can centrally identify technical challenges via endpoints on wireless, wired and VPN Infrastructure .

The Policy Manager which was the core feature used , there was a complete control over the system only authorised users can connect to the production network as any system will first have to authenticate before connecting . Central console to track authentications with a complete view of the authentication process across all stages, allows for faster resolution of issues. The IT department provides access, based on user credentials and team designation (L1/L2) to the vendor. The L1 teams are given permissions vs the L2 teams who have more expansive permissions. AAA services can ensure that users and devices accurately authenticate and get access to the right resources.


  • Easy & Quick way Solutions
  • Employee access
  • Secure device configuration of personal devices
  • Customized visitor management
  • Access for unmanaged endpoints
  • Device health checks
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