Forget to Complex Visitor Welcome, Give Simple, Smart and Secure Visitor Experience.

Many organizations now days became more conscious about visitor management as they are disposed to threats and are more concerned about the productivity of their employees.  It is important to manage the flow of visitors in a day, maintaining records and databases of the visitors who visited our organization within a day.  Traditionally this has been taken care of with the help of security personnel, but sometimes hospitality experience becomes concerned for the visitors.  Managing a piece of paper and visitor register was time-consuming.

Safety and Security is one of the important factors in the Visitor Management System, Traditionally all the data of the visitor has been written and record in the Visitor register which is not easy to find at many times, Also there is no authentication happening of the visitor.


Visitor Authentication and Management System from Network Techlab promotes a secure, smart and productive workplace. It is a one-stop solution for all your workplace reception management needs – from managing strangers to expected guests. This helps you to streamlines the entire visitor management process, from registration to the live status monitoring of the visitor, along with visit notifications and alerts.

Benefits of using Visitor Authentication Management System.

Fast and Error Free
Visitor Check-in Process

Visitor Security
Management System

Record Visitor
Valuables Digitally

Professional Approach to Visitors

Create Visitor Database for Future Use

Track Visitor Movement
in Real-time

Control Visitor Access
in Sensitive Areas

Most Useful Integrations with Visitor Authentication Management System

  • Turnstile and Access Control Integrations
  • Facial Recognition option
  • Outlook, Active Directory & Single Sign-On (Corporate & Hi Secure Versions)
  • PC’s, Tablet & Kiosk Compatible
  • Host & Visitor Mobile App

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