Automate Your Physical Security System

In the past couple of years, Video Surveillance and Analytics solutions also known as Intelligent Video Analytics solutions have been creating immense interest from both the industry as well as the  Academic. With the help of Video Surveillances and Analytics, tasks can be completed with Automation which doesn’t require human/physical intervention.

The recent improvement in Video Surveillance and Analytics Solutions has been a game-changer, ranging from applications that count people at events to automating Vehicle Number Plate Recognition, along with other more well-known scenarios such as Facial Recognition or be it Smart Parking.

Using a Video Surveillance and Analytics System more efficiently reduces the workload of your security and management staff and helps you capture the full value of Physical Security Systems by making your IP camera system more intelligent in its work.

Application Video Surveillances and Analytics can be most useful?

Smart cities / Transportation
Monitoring Vehicles

Ensuring the safety of patients

Vehicle Management

Inventory management

People Management

How do Video Surveillances and Analytics Works?

The data being analyzed can come from various streaming video sources. The most common are CCTV camerastraffic cameras and online video feeds. This video source uses the appropriate protocol (e.g. RTSP: Real-Time Streaming Protocol or HTTP) that can generally be integrated into the solution.

Take coverage into consideration: we need to have a clear view of the entire area from various angles, where the events being monitored or might occur. Remember, more data is better, given that it can be processed.

From smart cities to security controls in hospitals and airports, to people tracking for retail and shopping centers, the field of video analytics enables processes that are simultaneously more effective and less tedious for humans, and less expensive for companies. Network Techlab brings you with the Intelligent Video Surveillances and Analytics System to enhance your physical security experience.

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