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Network Techlab brings you IP-based Public Address (PA) systems, designed to revolutionize how you communicate across your premises, ensuring safety, enhancing operational efficiency, and delivering crystal-clear audio messages with ease.

Our IP-based Network Audio Solution delivers high-quality background music, messaging, and emergency alerts across your premises and even to multi-location branches through a centralized dashboard.

Key Features that Enhance The Way You Communicate:


Flexible and Scalable infrastructure:

IP-based network infrastructure allows easy integration to new locations and the addition of new devices without extensive rewiring.



Enjoy seamless integration with digital platforms like email, intranet, and mobile applications for multi-branch organization setups.


Centralized Control:

Our IP-based network audio solution offers a centralized dashboard to manage all your messaging, announcements, and alerts from a single interface across multiple locations.


Zone Targeting:

IP-based network setup allows you to communicate with specific targeted zones or branches as per requirements for precise announcements.

Our Range of Speakers:

Versatile Applications in Different Industries:



  • Offer Announcements 
  • Audio Advertisements
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Staff duty announcements
  • Background music

Educational Institute

  • Morning Assembly
  • General Announcements 
  • Emergency Alerts

Public Places:

  • Crowd Management
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Public Awareness 
  • Background Music
  • Advertisements 

Industrial Operations:

  • Shift alarms
  • Emergency announcements
  • Notifications or announcements 
  • Safety drills

Benefits of Choosing Network Techlab’s Network Audio Solution:

We at Network Techlab understand the significance of communication in any organization. Our IP-based Network Audio Solutions are built on cutting-edge technology, offering easy to adopt, scale, and integrate with open standard facilities solutions.


 Integration with systems like earthquake detention and fire alarms allows to deliver real-time alerts that keep the public informed and ensure staff safety. 

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Operational Efficiency:

 Streamline your organization’s internal communication across multiple locations and improve efficiency by broadcasting messages in noisy surroundings and no mobile zone areas.   

Integrations capabilities:

 Easy integration with Microphone, SIP Telephone, Smartphone, USB Headset connected to VMS Client.


Cost efficiency:

IP-based network audio solution offers the flexibility to scale and adapt to the changing requirements of your organization without the need for extensive rewiring and equipment.

Hear it out from our customers:

“Implementing the IP-based audio system from Network Techlab has transformed our communication infrastructure across our head office and multiple factory environments. Previously, connecting with ground staff amidst noisy factory floors was a significant challenge, hindering productivity and efficiency. With the new system, our staff can now seamlessly communicate using IP phones connected to the network. This has not only streamlined communication but also improved collaboration and responsiveness. Now, instructing and coordinating with team members is effortless, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and a safer work environment. Thanks to Network Techlab, we’ve empowered our workforce to overcome communication barriers and achieve greater success.”

International Industrial Spring

Pravin, IT Head

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