Liquid Leak Detection System

NTIPL is leading liquid leak detection solution providers with 24 years of experience at the top of our market, specializing in water, oil/fuel and acid liquid leak detection solutions based on microchip embedded sensing cables; the only fully digital and addressable system on the market today.

Critical technical environments such as data centers, banking transmission systems, air traffic control centers, and semiconductor plants, aim towards a “24/7” 0 defect safety. A liquid leakage that goes undetected can be extremely detrimental with the potentially severe financial and personal consequences.

The digital leak detection systems have the capability to detect water, acid and oil leakages. These detection systems consisting of a series of sense cables and digital units. These sense cables are often installed under raised floors in order to protect critical areas. The cables communicate with the panel via a digital communication protocol. In the event of a leak on one sense cable, the digital panel triggers an audible alarm immediately and displays the location of the leak (precise to 1 meter) on an interactive map allowing quick identification and reaction so as to reduce operational downtime.

The digital panel also has the ability to:

  • Send the alarm messages to the remote equipments, such as host BMS or a computer.
  • Send the alarm messages by email and SNMP Traps via TCP/IP network.

Key Applications:
NTIPL offers tailored solutions with innovative technologies to protect property from water, acid and oil leakages. Our systems are being utilized to protect Data Centers, critical IT infrastructures, telecommunication facilities, as well as banks, military, government, museum and laboratories, to name a few but also include;

  • Data centers – mission-critical areas
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Technical rooms
  • Pipelines
  • Tank farms – fuel distribution networks
  • Oil refineries – petrochemical plants
  • Generator rooms


  • Early detection with accurate location of leaks (precise to 1 m)
  • Reliable detection: unique cable structure helps to efficiently prevent false alarms
  • Simultaneous faults can be detected, no single leak can hide behind another in the same zone
  • Addressable system: microchip embedded into each sense cable
  • Very fast response & reusable cables
  • TCP/IP connection, MODBUS integration
  • Robust system with long service life

Our Liquid leak detection systems are Energy savings that consume much less electricity with zero slave modules. These are cost savings solutions that reduce costs on equipment and maintenance with Simple design, simple installation. With a tag of the top data center solution provider, we have provided ideal Liquid Leak Detection System that is already widely exploited for mission-critical environments such as Data Centers, Cleanrooms, Oil & Gas industry

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