Steady Operations with Network Storage Solutions

Increased collaboration workspaces need reliable data storage solutions that ease operations in the increased data space world. Network Techlab’s Network Attached Storage solutions make it easy to Store, Backup and protect your data no matter where it comes from. NAS Storage solutions enable you for simplified data backup management to handle ever-demanding data storage and backup challenges.

Why switching brings difference to your infrastructure?

Network Techlab brings Access Points and WiFi solutions from leading brands like Aruba, D-Link, Netgear and Alcatel Lucent to deliver you a robust internet through access points. Power up your IT, user experience and IoT experiences with enterprise-grade connectivity. Enable your users to boost productivity using an intelligent, fast and secure internet experience.

Scaling storage space

Organizations need solutions that can be scalable quickly for demanding times. Network Attached Storage solution gives you scaling functionality that enables scalability as needed by your organization.

Protect unstructured files

Protecting unstructured files is often complex for IT teams, they can stay ahead of cyber criminals by detecting unusual data access patterns and suspicious behavior to indicate a bad event.

Connect and collaborate

It is beauty of Network attached storage that it gives you opportunity to work on files accessed by multiple users and save the data space to be used by multiple version of same file.

Where to use NAS- Network Attached Storage?

File Storage and File Sharing

Test and develop web-based and server

Data archives for data backup and DR

Stream media files and torrents

Host virtual desktop infrastructure

Store images and videos for frequent use

Connect users with file storage

Create an internal printing repository

Take Data Backup with Experts

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a system integration company and has phenomenal expertise in Data Backup, Business Continuity and Modern IT Infrastructure solution deployment.

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