Network Techlab is partnered with Lenovo to bring you Nutanix certified Lenovo servers, to simplify & redesign your IT infrastructure which will help your business to scale up, increase performance and manage cost effectively.
As Today, Organizations requires quick & easy access to data, resources and software in order to stay ahead of its competitors. A complicated IT infrastructure can be a big obstacle to the growth of your business.

Avoid Interruption with Top-End Servers

Increased Security

On-premises data storing is more secure than off-premises from remote cyber-attacks.


Offline Usage

It has unique benefits in that it doesn’t require you to connect to the internet to access files & this can boost your employee productivity as internet issues won’t affect their work.


Reduced Internet Cost

As to access the server you don’t require super-fast internet it saves your monthly internet bill.

Reimagine Your IT Infra

Simplified IT Infrastructure

Easy way to store data & easy way to access it makes admins & employee job easier which helps them to save time & focus on other work as well.



Easy to integrate & handle, avoid uptime from IT departments so your business won’t suffer from downtime.


Service & Support

Service from Network Techlab provides end-to-end service & support.

Looking for a Lenovo servers in Mumbai? We got your back, we have the expertise of 5+ years in deploying servers in Mumbai & we have successfully deployed servers into 100+ organizations. Revamp up your It infra today with Network Techlab.

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