Infrastructure that supports both Traditional and Modern workloads

The all-new Dell Powerstore to modernize your infra

Meet the Modern Infrastructure that supports both Traditional and Modern workloads

We are excited to announce the launch of Intel® based PowerStore ― a modern storage appliance from Dell Technologies designed to support both traditional and modern workloads.

For organizations looking to consolidate their architecture, simplify and automate their systems and services, and realize their digital transformation goals, then PowerStore offers the ultimate solution.

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    A Truly Unified Enterprise Storage Platform from Dell

    Utilizing the proven capabilities of VMware ESXi, PowerStore X models with AppsON provide the unique ability to host data-intensive and storage applications directly on the PowerStore system with a storage-based virtualization environment, with the flexibility of seamless movement of applications between the storage system and external VMware servers. PowerStore T models provide organizations with all the benefits of an enterprise unified storage platform for block, file and vVol data, while
    enabling flexible growth with the intelligent scale-up & scale-out capability of appliance clusters.

    Understand why Powerstore is important for your business?




    • Any workload – Physical and virtual Apps and DBs, Containers and Files
    • Performance optimized – Scale-up and scale-out with end-to-end NVMe
    • Efficiency without compromise- Always on inline data reduction
    • Programmable infrastructure – Streamlines development and automates workflows
    • Autonomous appliance – Built-in automation and Machine Learning optimizes system resources
    • Proactive health analytics – Smart monitoring to reduce risk and predict future needs
    • Flexible architecture – Enables speed and application mobility
    • Flexible deployment – Modernize the core, edge, and cloud without disruption
    • Flexible consumption – Choice, predictability and investment protection

    Get more with Dell Powerstore®

    Plus, with flexible upgrades, continuous innovation, and seamless migration from existing platforms, PowerStore offers a future-enabled infrastructure solution designed for the data era.

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