Datacenter concept came into existence in 2008, Organizations started implementing data centers in order to store their data & critical application to enable access to their user & keep databases secured. The traditional data center wasn’t able to scale & provide access to remote users & over the period the requirements changed. The modern requirements of an organization has led to a rise in the virtualization of the data center in India.

Data center virtualization refers to the process of creating virtualized versions of physical data center resources, such as servers, storage devices, and networks. It involves using software and virtualization technologies to abstract and pool these resources, enabling multiple virtual instances to run concurrently on a single physical infrastructure.

Primary Objective of Virtualized Datacenter

1) Maximize resource utilization

2) Enhance flexibility

3) Streamline management

4) Virtualized infrastructure

5) Consolidated hardware

6) Reduce power consumption

7) Optimize space utilization

8) Scalable & Agile

What You Need To Virtualized Your Data Center



It enables the sharing of physical hardware resources among multiple VMs, each running its own operating system and applications.

Virtual Machines

Multiple VMs can coexist on a single physical server, isolated from each other, and run different operating systems or applications.


Storage Virtualization

It allows for centralized management and simplifies storage provisioning, data migration, and backup operations.

Network Virtualization

It provides flexibility in network configuration and allows for the efficient utilization of network resources.



It aims to abstract and automate the management of all data center resources, enabling greater agility, scalability, and cost savings.

Scaling branches, increasing workloads or just securing for better operations.

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Virtualization brings futuristic roadmap


High Availability

Make VM live migration, dynamic scheduling, VM HA, Metro clustering and all new features


Utilization performance

VM affinity, vNUMA automated CPU compatibility, AHV turbo and an optimized storage stack.


Lifecycle management

Cloud infrastructure upgrades with one click. Start with firmware and then automate rolling full-stack upgrades.



Cloud Architecture

Scale up and back with fast, just-in-time provisioning and move workloads quickly with minimal risk.

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