Energy Audit

According to the definition an energy audit is a systematic analysis of energy use and energy consumption within a defined energy audit scope, in order to identify, quantify and report on the opportunities for improved energy performance.

Therefore, an energy audit is an energy assessment. This evaluation analyses energy flows in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system whilst maintaining or improving human comfort, health and safety. The level of detail of this evaluation determines the type of audit.

The audit of energy consumption is a specialized process. It takes thorough knowledge and expertise in multiple fields to estimate design, commission and performance monitor projects for energy conservation. And our energy saving efforts do not end there. We have an expert team of Mechanical, Chemical and Instrumentation Engineers who not only conduct the audit survey but also train end users in key energy oriented functional areas such that energy is utilized most efficiently. Efforts are targeted to reflect savings of fuel and electricity in the actual energy bill. The systems we provide live up to standards of operation accepted worldwide and our training programme’s are intended to help our clients to improve the quality of operations such that wastage are almost totally eliminated.

Types of energy audit

Basically there are three types of energy audit:

  • Walk-Through Audit (WTA): as the name suggests, this audit consists of a walk-through inspection of a facility to identify maintenance, operational or deficient equipment issues and also to identify areas that need further evaluation.
  • Energy Diagnosis: this audit includes performing economic calculations and may include using some metering devices to identify actual energy consumption and losses.
  • Investment Grade Audit (IGA): this audit is a detailed account of energy use, including a quantitative study of the implementation with detailed investments and operational and maintenance costs and an analysis of the investment model.
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