Liebert NX 250kVA – 1000kVA

Liebert NX 250kVA – 1000kVA

The Liebert NX delivers the best combination of availability, reliability and energy efficiency. It presents industry-leading features such as intelligent energy management that promotes efficient energy measures in the infrastructure and outstanding power protection technology that is designed to use optimum energy, generate less co2 and occupy optimum footprint in order to provide significant cost savings.

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  • Information Technology
    • Data Centers
    • Servers (LAN, WAN, MAN, ERP, e-mail, web and others)
    • Networking
  • Telecommunication
    • Mobile 2G, 2.5G, 3G and the likes
    • Paging
    • Fixed (including WLL)
  • Industrial Automation
    • Process (including instrumentation)
    • Motion (digital drives & robotics) and motor loads
  • Transport Automation
    • Airport automation and flight booking
    • Others including railways & road transport automation & ticket booking
  • Banking, Insurance and Financial Services
  • Software Development Houses / Software
    • Technology Parks (STP)
  • Building Automation
    • Access Control
    • Security System
    • Fire Alarm System
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Other Critical Applications
  • Medical Diagnostics
    • Magneto Resonant Imaging
    • CT Scanning
    • CathLab
  • Satellite
    • Uplinking
    • Earth Stations

Liebert NX 250kVA
Liebert NX 300kVA
Liebert NX 400kVA
Liebert NX 500kVA
Liebert NX 600kVA
Liebert NX 800kVA
Liebert NX 1000kVA


  • Easy Installation
  • Suitable for top & bottom cable termination – no need for additional space / cabinet
  • User friendly multi-lingual intuitive large LCD HMI
  • Standard built in LBS function
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Front access
  • Low MTTR due to granular design architecture
  • Built-in static and maintenance bypass
  • Standard built-in D class lighting protection
  • Longer battery life through smart battery managemenT


  • Overall efficiency up to 99.3% in Intelligent ECO mode
  • Supports smart parallel function
  • Input power factor >0.99
  • Input current distortion (THDi) < 3%
  • Excellent generator adaptability
  • Widest input voltage and frequency range
  • Battery ground fault detection
  • Strong 0.9 output PF loading capacity

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