Liebert ITA 5 - 40KVA

Liebert ITA 5 - 40KVA

Liebert ITA is a full-featured transformer free scalable UPS designed to offer compact, efficient and reliable power to power thirsty modern electronic gadgets. It features a double-conversion online design that ensures continuous high-quality power even when the main AC power fails.

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Industrial Application:

  • Government

Liebert ITA 5 kVA
Liebert ITA 6 kVA
Liebert ITA 10 kVA
Liebert ITA 20 kVA
Liebert ITA 30 kVA
Liebert ITA 40 kVA


  • IGBT Based Rectifier
  • Advanced DSP Based Technology
  • 0.9 output power factor
  • Double conversion efficiency up to 94.5%
  • ECO mode efficiency up to 98.5%
  • Input power factor up to 0.99
  • Total current harmonic distortion (THDi) <5%
  • High capacity battery charger 10-20kVA ~ 4.5kW
  • Dynamic Design: Rack/Tower convertible
  • ITA 5-20kVA scalable up to 4 units in N + X configuration
  • Integrated parallel load bus and synchronization port (LBS)
  • Phase compatibility 5/6/10kVA: 1/1 or 3/1 phase; 20kVA: 3/1 or 3/3 phase
  • Comprehensive value added options including LPD, UPD etc
  • Easy site installation and configuration

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We are elated to announce that we have entered the 25th Year of Business Excellence this year.

We deeply thank all our OEM’s and Clients for having trust in us and our Network family to stand headstrong for serving with the finest quality service.

With each passing year, we will definitely scale new heights.

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