Liebert HIPULSE-U 30kVA - 500kVA

Liebert HIPULSE-U 30kVA - 500kVA

The Liebert Hipulse-UTM offers a reliable, scalable and user-friendly solution to ensure the availability of various critical applications. The Liebert Hipulse-UTM offers protection to your investment, and provide a lower cost of ownership through its digital architecture and range of options which you can customize specifically for your needs.

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  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Industrial Automation
  • Corporate Parks
  • Building Automation
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Satellite

Liebert HIPULSE-U 30 kVA
Liebert HIPULSE-U 40 kVA
Liebert HIPULSE-U 60 kVA
Liebert HIPULSE-U 80 kVA
Liebert HIPULSE-U 100 kVA
Liebert HIPULSE-U 120 kVA
Liebert HIPULSE-U 160 kVA
Liebert HIPULSE-U 200 kVA
Liebert HIPULSE-U 300 kVA
Liebert HIPULSE-U 400 kVA
Liebert HIPULSE-U 500 kVA


  • Fully Digital, twin DSP controlled
  • Rated at 0.9 output power factor to deliver more active power
  • Handle leading power factor loads without KW derating under specified conditions
  • On-Line Double Conversion IGBTbased PWM Inverter
  • Wide input voltage tolerance (+20/-20%)
  • Wide input frequency range of 45Hz to 65Hz
  • High overload capability of static bypass (14 times for 10 milliseconds and 10 times for 100 milliseconds)
  • Capability to handle:
  • High crest factor loads
    • 100% non-linear loads
    • 100% unbalanced loads
  • Built-in maintenance bypass Front access for spares replacement and preventive maintenanceEasy Dual bus configuration architecture
  • Adjustable frequency synchronization window up to 6% in the static bypass
  • Field protocols ModBus / Jbus
  • Network protocols SNMP
  • Overload capability of the UPS:
    • 110% full load for 60 minutes
    • 125% full load for 10 minutes
    • 150% full load for 1 minutes
  • Compact footprint

We are elated to announce that we have entered the 25th Year of Business Excellence this year.

We deeply thank all our OEM’s and Clients for having trust in us and our Network family to stand headstrong for serving with the finest quality service.

With each passing year, we will definitely scale new heights.

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