Liebert HIPULSE-EX 80kVA - 200kVA

Liebert HIPULSE-EX 80kVA - 200kVA

Hipulse-EX is carefully designed to maximize the availability of your critical loads to ensure that your business is protected against power failure or power quality problems. From reliability to availability, from scalability to redundancy, from user-friendliness to maintainability, from parallelibility to connectivity, from investment protection to lower cost of ownership, whichever value you need, Hipulse-EX addresses them efficiently and effectively.

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  • Information Technology
    • Data Centers
    • Servers (LAN, WAN, MAN, ERP, e-mail, web and others)
    • Networking
  • Telecommunication
    • Mobile 2G, 2.5G, 3G and the likes
    • Paging
    • Fixed (including WLL)
  • Industrial Automation
    • Process (including instrumentation)
    • Motion (digital drives & robotics) and motor loads
  • Transport Automation
    • Airport automation and flight booking
    • Others including railways & road transport automation & ticket booking
  • Banking, Insurance and Financial Services
  • Software Development Houses / Software
    • Technology Parks (STP)
  • Building Automation
    • Access Control
    • Security System
    • Fire Alarm System
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Other Critical Applications
  • Medical Diagnostics
    • Magneto Resonant Imaging
    • CT Scanning
    • CathLab
  • Satellite
    • Uplinking
    • Earth Stations

Liebert Hipulse-EX 80kVA
Liebert Hipulse-EX 120kVA
Liebert Hipulse-EX 200kVA


  • Rated at 0.8 output power factor to deliver more real power
  • Handle Leading power factor loads without KW de-rating under specified conditions
  • On-Line Double Conversion
  • IGBT-based PWM Inverter
  • Wide input voltage tolerance (+15 / -15%)
  • Wide input frequency tolerance (45Hz-65Hz)
  • High overload capability of static bypass (14 times for 10 milliseconds and 10 times for 100 milliseconds)
  • Capability to handle:
    • High crest factor loads
    • 100% non-linear loads
    • 100% unbalanced loads
  • Built-in maintenance bypass (Single and 1+N Models)
  • Wrap-around maintenance bypass (optional)
  • Front access for spares replacement and preventive maintenance
  • Easy Dual bus configuration architecture
  • Provision to use any type of battery: Wet cells (Tubular Plant), Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) /Maintenance Free and Nickel Cadmium
  • Adjustable frequency synchronization window up to 9% in the static bypass
  • Provision of automatic battery circuit breaker instead of using conventional isolator in the DC path
  • Field protocols ModBus / Jbus
  • Network protocols SNMP/HTTP NIC Card
  • Wall-mount RAM (Remote Alarm Monitor) Box
  • Overload capability of the UPS:
    • 110% full-load for 60 minutes
    • 125% full load for 10 minutes
    • 150% full-load for 1 minute
  • Easy Scalability (Parallel 1+N configuration Up to 6 modules paralleling) without centralised Main Static Switch (MSS)
  • Bypass Switch
  • Compact footprint

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