Liebert eXM 80kW - 200kW

Liebert eXM 80kW - 200kW

Small and medium-sized businesses need UPS solutions that deliver lower first costs and ongoing operational savings, high reliability, and enable speed and flexibility in a dynamic IT environment. Our commitment is to deliver the most technologically advanced product for our customer’s mission-critical applications, is once again reiterated by our next generation UPS series Liebert eXM

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  • Information Technology
    • Data Centers
    • Servers (LAN, WAN, MAN, ERP, e-mail, web and others)
    • Networking
  • Telecommunication
    • Mobile 2G, 2.5G, 3G and the likes
    • Paging
    • Fixed (including WLL)
  • Industrial Automation
    • Process (including instrumentation)
    • Motion (digital drives & robotics) and motor loads
  • Transport Automation
    • Airport automation and flight booking
    • Others including railways & road transport automation & ticket booking
  • Banking, Insurance and Financial Services
  • Software Development Houses / Software
    • Technology Parks (STP)
  • Building Automation
    • Access Control
    • Security System
    • Fire Alarm System
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Other Critical Applications
  • Medical Diagnostics
    • Magneto Resonant Imaging
    • CT Scanning
    • CathLab
  • Satellite
    • Uplinking
    • Earth Stations

Liebert eXM 80kW
Liebert eXM 100kW
Liebert eXM 120kW
Liebert eXM 160kW
Liebert eXM 200kW


  • Efficient power protection that can meet your capital requirements. Our latest ECO Mode option delivers over 99% efficiency, while the Double Conversion Mode has
    been optimized to exceed 96%
  • Flexible configurations provide an ideal mix of both row-based and room-based benefits, optimized to deliver excellent performance at a low total cost of ownership and allow organizations to meet stringent Service Level Agreements
  • Reliability is the epicenter of Liebert eXM. Its Internal and external architecture is rugged enough to handle input faults, load faults, temporary overloads, input power disturbances, and even industrial environment.


  • Double Efficiency exceeding 96% at partial load
  • ECO mode availability for parallel configurations
  • Unity output PF ( kVA=kW)
  • Powerful battery charging capability
  • Flexible airflow management; from back and top
  • Top or bottom cable entry
  • Integrated transformer option
  • Full frontal access for installation and service
  • LIFE™ remote diagnostic and preventive monitoring service
  • Robust internal architecture makes it suitable for light industrial application​

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