Liebert EXL S1 100kW – 1200kW

Liebert EXL S1 100kW – 1200kW

Liebert EXL, the new generation of 80-NET UPS, delivers unsurpassed performance to medium-large data centers as a result of proven track record, successes, a reliable large installed base and more than 10 years of acquired experience with the 80-NETtechnology.

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  • Information Technology
    • Data Centers
    • Servers (LAN, WAN, MAN, ERP, e-mail, web and others)
    • Networking
  • Telecommunication
    • Mobile 2G, 2.5G, 3G and the likes
    • Paging
    • Fixed (including WLL)
  • Industrial Automation
    • Process (including instrumentation)
    • Motion (digital drives & robotics) and motor loads
  • Transport Automation
    • Airport automation and flight booking
    • Others including railways & road transport automation & ticket booking
  • Banking, Insurance and Financial Services
  • Software Development Houses / Software
    • Technology Parks (STP)
  • Building Automation
    • Access Control
    • Security System
    • Fire Alarm System
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Other Critical Applications
  • Medical Diagnostics
    • Magneto Resonant Imaging
    • CT Scanning
    • CathLab
  • Satellite
    • Uplinking
    • Earth Stations

Liebert EXL S1 100kW
Liebert EXL S1 120kW
Liebert EXL S1 160kW
Liebert EXL S1 200kW
Liebert EXL S1 300kW
Liebert EXL S1 400kW
Liebert EXL S1 500kW
Liebert EXL S1 600kW
Liebert EXL S1 800kW
Liebert EXL S1 1000kW
Liebert EXL S1 1200kW


  • Transformer-free design
  • Full IGBT three-level NPC2 topology
  • Excellent input performances:              – PF > 0.99                                      – THDi < 3%
  • Automatic output power upgrade of up to 10%
  • Output PF diagram symmetrical respect to zero
  • Three and four wire electrical compatibility
  • Centralized and distributed parallel capabilities
  • Seismic compliance

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