Static Var Generator (SVG)

SVG PQvar Series is a new product that has rewritten the conventional approach of power factor correction for Effective Energy Saving. It is designed to compensate for the rapid reactive power requirement, thereby improving the power factor and consequently reducing the costs.

SVG PQvar Series monitors the current signal and utilizes three levels inverter topology which generates the reactive part of the measured current to compensate dynamically in order to improve the power factor. It can dynamically compensate the power factor from -1 to 1.


Some typical applications which require rapid reactive power compensation include the following:

a. Data centers
b. UPS systems
c. Renewable power generation (e.g. photovoltaics and wind turbines)
d. Sensitive equipment manufacturing (e.g. silicon wafer production, semiconductor production)
e. Industrial production machines
f. Electrical welding systems
g. Plastic industry machinery (e.g. extruders, injection molders)


Static Var Generator


- Consultation, Design and Testing
- Frequent Harmonic Check as per the contract
- Annual Maintenance (AMC)


Full Specification


Here are some of the safety features of Static Var Generator (SVG):

a. Overload protection
b. Internal short-circuit protection
c. Overheating protection
d. Overvoltage and Undervoltage protection
e. Inverter bridge protection
f. Fan fault alarm

Depending on the customer needs, NTIPL offers either complete panels, wall-mounted cabinets or even modules. The state of the art modular design of SVG PQvar Series offers the advantage of having a minimum downtime in case of a service or maintenance requirement.

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