Servo Stabilisers

Servo Stabilizer is an electrical appliance which is designed to deliver a constant voltage to a load at its output terminals regardless of the changes in the input or incoming supply voltage.

Generally it is used where there is voltage fluctuation in both the directions (up and down). The impact of this voltage fluctuation harms the expensive and sensitive appliances. Also the impact of voltage fluctuation directly hits the electricity consumption, which unfortunately is ignored by most of the people. It protects the equipment or machine against over voltage, under voltage, and other voltage surges.

Mainly Servo Voltage stabilizers are recommended with UPS at its input for stable load transformation which also protects the UPS. It is also used in areas where there is voltage fluctuations, particularly in Industrial areas.

After Sales Service and Support From NTIPL:

  1. Servo Control Voltage Stabiliser (Single Phase / Three Phase)
  2. On Site Technician for Installation
  3. 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

With the hep of inhouse expert and certified Technicians, NTIPL has highly skilled engineers to provide a suitable solution for all your servo stabiliser needs.

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