Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) is a device used to directly detect currents leaking to earth from an installation and to cut the power and is mainly used in TT earthing systems.

The ELCB detects fault currents from live to the earth (ground) wire within the installation it protects. If sufficient voltage appears across the ELCB’s sense coil, it will switch off the power, and remain off until manually reset.

Residual Current Circuit Breakers are aimed at protecting an individual from the risks of electrical shocks, electrocution and fires that are caused due to faulty wiring or earth faults.

RCCB is particularly useful in situations where there is a sudden earth fault occurring in the circuit.

E.g. A person accidentally comes in contact with an open live wire in the circuit.

In such situation, in absence of an RCCB in the circuit, an earth fault may occur and the person is at the risk of receiving an electrical shock.

However, if the same circuit is protected with RCCB, it will trip the circuit in fraction of a second thus preventing the person from receiving an electrical shock. Therefore, it is a good and safe practice to install RCCB in your electrical circuit.

NTIPL ensures that we provide state of the art testing for any faults in the ELCB or RCCCB.

Our expert technicians along with the proper testing equipment ensure that there is no damage.

We have the following devices to test for any abnormalities:

  • Earth Relay Testing Kit.
  • RCCB/ELCB Testing kit.
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