Our series of EPCOS PF controllers offers highly intelligent control behavior. The different versions of the EPCOS PF controllers provide solutions to various applications.

PF controllers fulfill a key function in PFC systems. They measure the actual power factor and connect or disconnect capacitor stages to achieve a specific desired cos ᵠ value. Thanks to its plain language menu-driven operation, it is very user-friendly. The multifunctional display of the PF controllers greatly simplifies installation, handling and maintenance.


a. Intelligent control
b. Automatic initialization for specific types
c. Self-optimizing control
d. Option for displaying maximum values
e. Four-quadrant operation
f. Wide voltage measurement range
g. Alarm output


PFC Controllers BR6000 Series (1CT - Current Sensing)

PF Controllers BR5000 Series (3CT)

PF Controllers BR4000ER / BR2100 / BR4000S

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