Hybrid Solution with Stepless Reactive Power Compensation (APFC+SVG)

With the invention of switching logic, it is possible to achieve automatic control of reactive power compensation. Despite the means are available for achieving dynamic reactive power compensation, there is a limit to have fine control due to fixed-step rating in APFC panel. The need for intermediate fine control of reactive power including real-time can be catered through stepless switching technology called SVG or static – VAR – Generator.
The advanced stepless technology consists of active device IGBT, the product can be effectively applied when combined with a normal APFC system. This combined hybrid solution of (Stepless + Step) switching forms the LV SVGC system.

The product consists of SVG modules and LC (reactor – capacitor) steps, which are monitored by controlled by Advanced multi-level controller. The controller effectively utilizes the combination to cater and fine-tune the need for reactive power compensation at all the times.


a. Best Suited for robotic and welding loads
b. Induction furnace startup loads
c. Iron and steel rolling mills
d. High unbalance and highly fluctuating loads
e. Industries such as food, paper, commercial malls


a. Complying to standards IEC-61000
b. Rated Voltage-400 ~ 690V*
c. Advanced multi-controller - 18 steps for thyristor /contactor switching
d. Module Prototype - 30 KVAr, 50KVAr, and 100KVAr
e. Very fast response time (< 15ms) Rated output

It includes integrated APFC+SVG

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