NTIPL offers a large selection of highly reliable capacitors like PhaseCap Super Heavy Duty, PhaseCap Energy Heavy Duty, PhaseCap, PhiCap Normal Duty, LT-APP Capacitors and LT-MPP SquareCap PFC Capacitors that are essential for power-saving energy infrastructure systems such as power factor correction (PFC) or high-voltage DC (HVDC) power transmission installations.

There is a broad range of aluminum electrolytic capacitors found in many applications such as ECUs in automotive electronics, uninterruptible power supplies, and frequency converters for industrial drives and wind turbines, as well as electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs), which are optimal for applications including peak output auxiliary power supplies and energy harvesting electricity storage devices. With this diverse portfolio, NTIPL covers an especially broad range of capacitances and voltages for practically every conceivable capacitor application in association with TDK (Formerly EPCOS). With this unique portfolio, we are more than a supplier.

A capacitor is made up of two metallic plates. With a dielectric material in between the plates. When you apply a voltage over the two plates, an electric field is created. The positive charge will collect on one plate and negative charge on the other.

The most common use of capacitors is energy storage and power factor correction (PFC). Additional uses include power conditioning, signal coupling or decoupling, electronic noise filtering, and remote sensing.

Capacitors are essential for power-saving in energy infrastructure systems like:

  • Power factor correction (PFC)
  • High-voltage DC (HVDC) power transmission installations
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Frequency converters for industrial drives and wind turbines
  • Peak output auxiliary power supplies
  • Energy harvesting electricity storage devices


Equipped in Low Voltage APFC Panels


a. Consultation, planning, design and testing
b. Frequent APFC health check as per the contract
c. Annual Maintenance (AMC)


PhaseCap Super Heavy Duty Capacitor

PhaseCap Energy Heavy Duty Capacitor

PhaseCap Capacitor

Polecap Capacitor

Phicap Normal Duty Capacitor

LT-APP Capacitor

LT-MPP SquareCap PFC Capacitor

With this diverse portfolio NTIPL covers an especially broad range of capacitances and voltages for practically every conceivable capacitor application in association with TDK (Formerly EPCOS). This unique portfolio makes us more than a supplier.

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