Active Harmonic Filter

The cleaner your grid, the higher your benefit! NTIPL’s as active harmonic filter installers and power optimizers help to eliminate harmonic pollution from the grid, reduce power quality problems and use energy more efficiently and reliably. Harmonic pollution is a growing problem with the increasing use of power electronics and non-linear loads (such as variable speed drives, UPS, computers, servers, TV sets, etc.). The presence of harmonics increases the RMS current in power networks. The circulation of harmonic currents through the system impedance creates voltage harmonics which produce voltage distortions and thus deteriorate the quality of the supply voltage. This leads to higher operating and energy costs, production/process downtimes, overheating and malfunction of equipment.

In the past, most consumer loads were linear, i.e. when they were connected to a sinusoidal voltage, the current was also sinusoidal. In the meantime, the use of power electronics has significantly increased. Active Harmonic Filters devices are usually non-linear, i.e. when connected to a sinusoidal voltage they produce non-sinusoidal currents which may create problems for other devices. Besides passive filters, more and more active harmonic filters are now used, especially where the PF is close to 1 and harmonic disturbances change frequently.


The active harmonic filters PQSine S-Series are based on the latest state of the art in power electronics technology such as:

a. Data centers
b. UPS systems
c. Green power generation (e.g. photovoltaics and wind turbines)
d. Sensitive equipment manufacturing (e.g. silicon wafer production, semiconductor production)
e. Industrial production machines
f. Electrical welding systems
g. Plastic industry machinery (extruders, injection molders)
h. Office buildings and shopping centers (3rd and triple harmonic cancellation and neutral conductor unloading)


a. Harmonic Filter - Active Harmonic Filter
b. Power Optimiser


- Consultation, Design and Testing
- Frequent Harmonic Check as per the contract
- Annual Maintenance (AMC)


Full Specification


Here are some of the safety features of active harmonic filter (AHF):

a. Highest safety and reliability
b. Overload protection
c. Internal short-circuit protection
d. Overheating protection
e. Overvoltage and under-voltage protection
f. Inverter bridge protection
g. Resonance protection
h. Fan fault alarm

NTIPL has been offering a comprehensive range of key components for Energy Efficiency Solutions for effective Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Power Quality Solutions for many years.

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