Liebert PDX

The Cooling Solution for Small and Medium data Centers

The Liebert PDX direct expansion cooling unit is equipped with the most advanced industry technology which allows the unit to reach significant levels of efficiency, guaranteeing precise cooling of data centers and server rooms.

Some Crucial points of Liebert PDX:

Liebert PDX maximizes part-load efficiency, compared to most common DX cooling systems, therefore significantly reducing running costs, resulting in the most energy-efficient DX technology available on the market.

Cooling continuity
Liebert PDX ensures precise and constant control of airflow, temperature, and humidity. Thanks to its innovative design and use of advanced technologies, it matches requirements for cooling continuity coming from the most trusted and adopted certification authorities for Data Center design and operation.

Unique flexibility
Liebert PDX enhances the inherent scalability of direct expansion systems, even on those Data Centers where the initial heat load is very low or subject to fluctuation. A wider operating range provides a step ahead of new challenges posed by Data Center requirements and climate change

Smart control
Liebert PDX Smart Control manages and optimizes the overall system, is fully-programmable via an advanced and user-friendly touch display and can be linked with common BMS protocols, allowing remote supervision.

Best suited in the below Sectors :

Data Center/Colocation/Hosting | Banking, Financial and Insurance | Broadcast and Entertainment | Government | Telecom | Transportation


  • Extended Units
  • Full load Efficiency + 10%
  • EC Fan 2.0
  • PUE 1.12
  • Partial Load Efficiency + 30%
  • Up to 100m Length
  • Economizer, Free cooler, Smart Aisle
  • Digital & EEV
  • Up to 38°C Room Temperature with Smart Aisle


  • Variable Frequency Drives Rooms
  • Electrical Panel Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • UPS, Battery & RACK Room
  • Instrument Calibration Room
Liebert PDX Work Flow Chart

Backed by over 23+ years of experience, NTIPL is the foremost pioneer in the field of air conditioning solutions for dependable applications and Data Centers. NTIPL precision air conditioning equipment is developed and manufactured by Vertiv, to the very highest standards of quality and in line with exceptionally stringent testing criteria.

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