Liebert DM

High Performance, Sensible Cooling for Small Computer Rooms and Network Closets

Liebert DM delivers enterprise-level thermal management to small computer rooms and network closets. It is designed for year-round temperature and humidity control for IT applications across the critical infrastructure.

Some operations use standard comfort cooling systems to save money or to avoid using additional floor space within the facility. But this approach may provide some benefits in the short term-they must be balanced against the cost of downtime and equipment damage resulting from serious overheating as well as the risk of financial loss.

Issues when using Comfort Cooling in Small Data Centers/- Computer Rooms (Datacom Rooms)

  1. Using rigid overhead ducts provides insufficient air volume (45-55I/ sec per kW) which results in hot spots and they are also difficult to relocate.
  2. Comfort cooling systems cannot control humidity levels and do not typically have integral humidity control.
  3. Using separate humidification systems, not controlled by the cooling system, can waste energy and reduce the stability of the environment.

The issues can have long and short term eff¬ects on your IT operations. The business risks range from degraded IT services to system interruption and shutdown.

Best Suited For:

Banking, Financial and Insurance, Data Center/Colocation/Hosting, Education, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation


Energy-saving | Space Saving | User-Friendly and Maintenance-Free | Highly adaptive


  • Small and Medium-Sized Computer Rooms | UPS and Battery Rooms
  • Outdoor Electronic and Communication Equipment Rooms
  • Transformer Stations, Substations
  • Laboratories, Test Rooms and Storage Rooms
Liebert DM Flow Chart
Liebert DM Work Flow

Backed by over 23+ years of experience, NTIPL is the foremost pioneer in the field of air conditioning solutions for dependable applications and Data Centers. NTIPL precision air conditioning equipment is developed and manufactured by Vertiv, to the very highest standards of quality and in line with exceptionally stringent testing criteria.

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