Secure Desktop KVM Switch

If you access secure and non-secure networks, you can rely on our Secure Desktop KVM switches to keep your private data completely separate and secure at all times.

The switches are specifically designed to make unintended data transfer between connected computers virtually impossible – an important factor for maximum security installations.

If you need to guard against cyber intrusion or are managing both classified and non-classified projects at the same time, secure KVM switches provide the protected access you need to peripheral sharing devices.

The various types of Secure Desktop KVM Switches are:

Cybex SC800 / 900 Secure Desktop KVM Switches

The Cybex SC 800 series secure desktop KVM switching portfolio offers a proven solution for guarding against cyber intrusion at the desktop.


Cybex SC800/SC900 Secure Desktop HDMI KVM Switches

The Cybex SC900 Secure Desktop Switches are field-proven, secure, KVM switching solutions with special support for government agencies and security conscientious organizations.

Cybex SC800/SC900 Secure Desktop Display Port KVM Switches

High Resolution DVI NIAP Validated to EAL2+. 2 port, 4 port, and 8 port models with single monitor DVI support.


Cybex SC800/SC900 Secure Desktop DVI-I KVM Switches

Simultaneous access for two to four computers through a single keyboard, and mouse. Includes productivity features that enable faster access to critical data. Available in an attractive console that occupies a space smaller than a keyboard.

Best Suited For:

Banking, Financial and Insurance Data Center/Colocation/Hosting Education Government Healthcare Professional Services Retail, and Wholesale Transportation

NTIPL helps to employ a KVM switch that provides benefits like: Multiple computers/server control: Users can have quick, easy access to 2, or even much more, PCs or servers from their keyboard, monitor, and mouse setup. Reducing clutter: Cutting down on the number of keyboards, monitors, and mice needed frees up desk space.

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