Visual Solutions

NTIPL’s Visual solutions can seamlessly blend Hardware with Software and give an amazing output which enables any organization to create dynamic information experience to engage their audience.

We find the right solution for your business. The balance of quality and pricing is our key objective for achieving your business goal. NTIPL helps you with the complete expertise in Visual Solutions such as Paneled Videowall, Active LED Videowall, Standalone Displays, Projectors, Interactive Display and Monitors.

Panelled Videowall

Panel LED videowalls creates an unique large-format viewing experience, elevating any business setting. Every screen is factory calibrated, giving you uniform alignment, brightness and color right out of the box

Active LED Videowall

Active LED Display Video walls are in limelight and very useful in most of the industries, it helps in increasing customer engagement for the business. In this era of innovative business

Standalone Displays

Narrate the story of your business through high-impact visual messaging. Samsung’s large-format digital displays provide professional-grade image quality with superior contrast ratio and best-in-industry brightness and color uniformity


When compared to Televisions, Projectors enjoy the inherent advantage of larger screen sizes. The beauty of projectors is that, unlike televisions, they can operate via any surface, rather than through one set screen.

Interactive Display

Now deliver rich content and dynamic interaction in academic or business settings with our high-impact interactive digital displays.


Excellence in Work & Play – Displaying more content, resolving sharper images, and featuring advanced display technologies, our high-resolution monitors are the perfect choice for almost any use

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