Network Techlab is partnered-up with F5, to bring you cutting-edge solutions and tackle the challenges of today’s digital landscape. As businesses continue to expand their digital footprint, securing web applications APIs, and optimizing network performance across multiple cloud environments are paramount concerns.

This Collaboration offers you a comprehensive suite of services to address these challenges head-on.


Current Challenges & Solution


Advanced Web App and API Protection

In an era where online presence is indispensable, web applications and APIs are prime targets for cyberattacks. Threats such as DDoS attacks, SQL injection and OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities pose significant risks to your digital assets.

Network Techlab, in partnership with F5, provides state-of-the-art Web App and API Protection solutions that safeguard your digital assets from threats and vulnerabilities. Our advanced web application firewall (WAF) and security policies ensure that your applications and APIs are protected against a wide range of threats. Real-time threat monitoring and mitigation make sure your digital assets remain secure, giving you peace of mind.


Secured MultiCloud Networking

As organizations increasingly adopt multi-cloud environments to leverage the benefits of different cloud providers, managing and securing network traffic becomes complex. Network fragmentation, inconsistent performance and data privacy challenges are just a few of the issues faced.

Our MultiCloud Networking solutions, in collaboration with F5, resolve these challenges by offering a unified, secure and highly available network infrastructure across multi-cloud environments. We ensure that your applications are delivered reliably and securely, regardless of where they are hosted. With our expertise, you can easily manage and optimize network traffic in a multi-cloud ecosystem.


Reliable DNS Services

DNS is a fundamental component of the internet and any disruption in DNS services can lead to downtime and service unavailability. Traditional DNS setups may not be equipped to handle modern demands for speed, reliability and security.

Network Techlab, partnered with F5 to provides advance DNS services that offer superior speed, resiliency and security. Our DNS solutions guarantee your services are always available and perform optimally, even under high loads. With F5’s DNS services, you can ensure your users have seamless and secure access to your digital resources.


1- Advanced Threat Protection: Robust security measures to safeguard digital assets against evolving cyber threats.

2- Efficient Multi-Cloud Management: Streamlined control and optimization of network traffic across diverse cloud platforms for cost-efficiency.

3- Reliable DNS Services: Ensuring high availability and optimal performance of domain name services for digital assets.

4- Unified Network Infrastructure: Creating a cohesive, secure network environment across multiple cloud providers for simplified management.

5- Real-time Threat Monitoring: Continuous surveillance of network traffic for rapid threat detection and response.

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