Is Your Network Safe? Find Out with a Network Security Checkup!

Every business has to contend with cybersecurity risks such as malware or data leakage. However, most businesses have NO idea what kind of threats are actually present on their network. Because they don’t know what threats already exist on their network, they may be leaking data without even realizing it.

To help your business identify and defend against these threats, We are offering network security checkup! Conducted by our certified cybersecurity engineers, this checkup uses a top-of-the-line network security appliance to reveal:

    Because No One Can Afford an Attack‎

    Because things are changing rapidly, As we are moving towards a new digital era we are adding up new hardware, software, policies to our corporate network. We are adding more branches as we expand our geolocation. Users are accessing the company network from any remote locations and from any possible device at any given time. Multiple public cloud services you are using, using company assets with external networks and massive use of data from external sources are opening a door for potential cyber breaches.

    What cover in Network Security Assessment Service?

    Asset Identification

    Configuration Assessment of Public Cloud and Recommendations

    Identity Access
    Management Review

    Public Cloud
    Compliance Review

    Host Vulnerability

    Network Traffic
    Visibility Review

    Why you should undergo Security Audit Check Regularly?

    Network Security Audits are significant in order to understand your biggest security risk so that you make changes that will protect your company from that risk. Although it’s common knowledge ‘Network Security Audit’ is not “one -and-done” activity. You should run this audit once in a year if not so frequently.

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