Pioneering connectivity with dedicated bandwidth for collaboration & Productivity

Pioneering connectivity with dedicated bandwidth for collaboration & Productivity


High-speed Internet connectivity is one of the first requirements of any business in this digital age today. In most countries including India, there are plenty of options with customized business plans to connect multiple devices to the Internet. Devices such as printer, scanner, computer & peripherals, desktop, laptop, data center, and all other devices which access internet. Many organizations think in terms of fiber broadband connections while making this decision and its limitations in serving business needs are only realized later.

Considering the wider range of internet usage today, there is even possibility of hacking & diversion of illegal usage of internet, however there has to be a firewall & service protection leased line that not only creates the greater term visibility but also facilitate a stronger connection to wide range of users.

Well, in this blog we are fundamentally going to discuss more about yet such booming leased line of internet & its applications with various steps & procedure.

To understand conceptually – Internet Leased Line

Talking in a general term about the Internet Leased Line associated by our one of the esteemed business partner TATA, it is a reliable and consistent internet connectivity to run critical software and applications and day-to-day operations. High performance and carrier grade internet connection Speed High-speed internet connections up to 1 Gbps with Ethernet Future ready Web tool User friendly, web based tool for performance management and monitoring reach connect to internet from more than 200 POP locations across India.






5 Major reasons to consider ILL for your Business:


  1. Lower Latency rate – With the assistance of Internet Leased Line, business user can achieve, super voice quality, uninterrupted downloading of files, and ease of moving data and apps to the cloud.


  1. Access to cloud solutions – We know that cloud computing has evolved drastically as a mean of technology, with the help of ILL, your business can get instant access to data and apps stored in a public or a private cloud. There is no delay in access of information hosted in the cloud.


  1. Cost saving – When it’s a question of business productivity, who doesn’t want to go with high end solution that comes up with optimization of cost? After all it’s the business budgeting and planning. When the top internet speed fuels the apps and software system for daily execution, alternately the employee’s rate of production goes to high.


  1. Symmetrical Speed – Internet Leased Line of TATA Tele is unique among all because internet connection with “symmetrical speed” has identical upload and download speeds with no redundancy, thus it makes ILL the right choice for the Business.


  1. High speed without any contention – An ILL, on the other hand, is your private connection where there is no sharing with anyone else. So, even if it is a 20 Mbps line, you use the exact promised speed because there is no contention with other users. It ensures that it should not effect to the Business productivity.



Where do you need an Internet Leased Line?


Knowing the fact that businesses need constant connectivity to communicate and transact over wide range of information. However sharing vast range of internet lines internally & externally can lead to huge data usage & inefficiency. Tata Internet Leased Line service empowers you with dedicated bandwidth ensuring reliable high-speed communication and collaboration.


Sector such as Hospitals, Corporate, Small & Large scale Industries, Education, Manufacturing, Retail & Wholesale and various other sectors etc. are highly influenced with the usage of internet services due to large exposure of working employees due to their load of work & time factor that required to meet the streamline productivity. These sectors are then considered under green zone of TATA internet leased line for making them appropriate availability of internet services.






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